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What you can see:

Searching for the right partner to raise your productivity and efficiency across the entire oil, gas and chemicals value chain?

ABB offers the complete range of products, solutions and services for the electrification infrastructure in the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry. ABB makes it easier to do business with, being the one-stop-shop from source to socket, and further offering the full integration and optimization of these products and solutions, backed by a global presence and service footprint. ABB Electrification Products save time and costs during project execution and ensure highest process uptime, with increased efficiency and maximized safety. 

Benefit from our intelligent product solutions as shift in automation change the way you work. Our expertise in electrification helps you achieve safe, reliable and efficient operations.

Information and communications technology with specialized telecommunications offers you the right analytics, for better management of your onshore and offshore business.

What you can experience:

Increased safety and control: The roots of ABB can be tracked back to pioneers in safety. Whether that is the invention of the first fuse protection device or early lightning protection solutions. At its heart the business is focused on protecting people and managing the flow of electricity to protect machinery and buildings. Additionally, there is a focus on developing products that can be safety installed and maintained, even while machines remain operational. Main products:

  • Emax 2 circuit breakers
  • High performance circuit breakers
  • Miniature circuit breakers
  • Tmax XT circuit breakers


Harsh and demanding environment protection: Our engineers thrive on the challenge to develop products that need to operate in the most difficult conditions. We are keeping the power going and within deep sea oil applications and everywhere in between. Our extensive environmental testing processes ensure your peace of mind. Main products:

  • Explosive proof LED lighting
  • Cable ties & accessories
  • Conduit & fittings
  • Explosive proof enclosures


Ease of maintenance: Our research on ensuring that products can be easily maintained, whether that is through designing the product so it can be replaced while the system remains operational; creating effective diagnostics tools; packaging the products well; or designing the enclosures in the optimum way. Main products:

  • Connection devices SNK series


Earthing and lightning protection: ABB total solution to earthing, lightning and electronic systems protection delivers long lasting, reliable protection of a structure, its electronic systems and personnel within it. Main products:

  • SPD OVR QuickSafe®
  • Furse Surge Protection
  • OPR External air terminal lightning conductor


Project cost reduction: ABB R&D and engineer teams are innovating continuously and we want to make our products better while enabling you to afford more of them. By focusing on reducing components, exploring alternative materials, managing our sourcing, we are focused on improving the total project costs of our customers. It makes business sense. All this while improving the functionality. More, for less. Main products:

  • EQ meters
  • AF contactors


Continuous operation: The installation of ABB products can help keep the wheels in motion 24 hours a day. Whether it is through ensuring product reliability, developing products that can be safely maintained while operational, or monitoring potential faults. ABB wants to help its customer to optimize the efficiency of their operations. Main products:

  • UMC (Universal Motor Controller)
  • Switch disconnector


Types of services provided:

With a network that spans the world, we are dedicated to addressing your service needs. Based on 120 years of experience in building motors and generators, we provide services that help plant operators to add value and optimize their cost of ownership. We take the time to understand our customers and their service priorities. Some need fast repairs to fix problems when they arise, others carry out preventive maintenance to minimize stoppages, and still others focus on getting maximum efficiency through optimization. Whatever your needs, we offer a full range of services to keep your equipment running:

  • ABB Life Expectancy Analysis
  • Program (LEAP)
  • ABB MACHsense-P
  • Smart sensor for LV motors
  • Field service maintenance
  • Workshop repairs
  • Replacements (upgrades and retrofits)


The services offered by ABB for the low voltage products and systems span the entire value chain, from the moment a customer makes the first inquiry to disposal and recycling of the product. Throughout the value chain, ABB provides training, technical support and customized contracts. All of this is supported by one of the most extensive global sales and service networks.