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Panduit offers a full solution of over 30,000 readily available parts engineered to reduce installation time and costs, improve operational performance, and meet or exceed industry standards. We are committed to meet the challenges you face when designing, installing and maintaining cabling infrastructures within heavy-duty industrial environments.

Panduit will showcase a range of product displays with installation tools. Key product highlights including the new ergonomic Cable Tie Installation Hand Tools GTH-E and GTS-E, easy to use PanTher™ LS8EQ Hand-Held Printer and Lockout Tagout product.

The GTH-E and GTS-E is excellent for low to medium volume applications. It provides comfort, delivers consistent performance minimizing rework and is durable!  

PanTher™ LS8EQ Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printer is easy to use on-site, produces high-quality industrial labels on a wide variety of label materials for electrical and network applications such as wire/cable, components, safety, and facility identification.

Keep a look out for new product launches such as the BlackFin™ Installation Tools! These powered innovative tools lead the industry in safety and reliability, meeting OSHA requirements for operator safety- coming to you in February 2017!


What you can experience:

Test out these products at the Panduit Booth and experience how easy it is to use these tools, level of comfort and product reliability. Should you require a product demonstration or more information, please feel free to approach us!