3M Electrical Tapes Selection Guide 

Feature-image-07-1200x6753M has been developing and manufacturing high performance, easy handling electrical tapes since the 1940s. The 3M Electrical Tapes range includes tapes for low and medium voltage insulating,colour coding, moisture sealing, padding, shaping, protective jacketing, bundling, and harnessing. [...]



What is Absence of Voltage Testing and why do I need to test for it?

what is absence of voltage testing and why do i need to test for itNobody wants to get an electric shock while working on the electrical panels especially when they think that it has been made safe; the Absence of Voltage Testing is explicitly designed to prevent this incident from happening. In this article, we will explain “what is the test?”, the test standard, and its procedures.



How to test for the Absence of Voltage? What is the best methods?

how to test for the absence of voltageWe have outlined the different testing methods for the Absence of Voltage and go through the pros and cons of each method. The most efficient and safest method is the Absence of Voltage Tester device that does the check automatically that is both accurate and prevent human error. This article is part of The Guide to [...]



Choosing the right Contactor for your Motor 

ContactorIn choosing the correct contactor, you will need to consider the load type that the contactor will be used with. Special consideration for the 3 phase Squirrel-cage inductive motor load, which is one of the most common load types in the industry, where the motor draws a significant amount of current (inrush current) when starting. [...] 



How can we tell if the MCCB needs to be changed

replace mccbThe Molded Case Circuit Breakers have a limited lifetime when subjected to the short circuit faults. So how can you tell that it is time to change your MCCB to ensure proper protection of your electrical system? In this article, we will discuss 3 methods of inspection to determine the right time to change your MCCB.


The Beginner’s Guide to Wiring a Star-Delta Circuit

guide to wiring a star-delta circuit

The Star-Delta circuit is one of the most common circuits used to start a motor. It can be confusing to wire up the circuit from just the circuit diagram. Here we have mapped them out to the real components and provide a step by step guide to wiring a simple star-delta circuit.



MCCB: How to safely choose a new MCCB for replacement?


Do not simply replace an MCCB with one that has the same rated current. The most important consideration is the Ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity (Icu). Incorrectly replacing MCCB will result in dangerous consequences. In this video, we will guide you through the step by step process to do this.





Saving the Best for Last! - Download PDF 

Executive summary:- 

Softstarters or variable-speed drives, or both? Energy efficiency is a very important aspect that customers seek in products and systems and something that suppliers work hard at improving in their product offering. In fact, the general view held is that the investment linked to the purchase of electrical equipment, as well as the downtime cost incurred from installation and commissioning is offset by a decrease in electricity consumption due to energy efficient operation. 

Like in water applications, centrifugal pumps are driven by an induction motor directly fed from the network. Flow regulation is accomplished by a few different means, namely throttling, a highly inefficient method as hydraulic losses increase dramatically when the flow is strangled by a valve; variable-frequency drives (VFD), recommended as an effective means of saving energy, ensure flow regulation by controlling the rotational speed of the motor shaft; and alternatively, on and off pump operation following a precise duty cycle – the pump is not operated continuously, but switched on for the time needed for pumping the target water volume and disconnected for the rest of the time. Given that many different hydraulic systems recommend the use of frequency converters or cyclic control (ie, softstarter technologies), which one of these two solutions is the most cost-effective in reducing energy consumption and providing the most satisfactory payback time? 
-  Juan Sagarduy, Jesper Kristensson, Sören Kling, Johan Rees (ABB Corporate Research)

All information and documents are owned by ABB Corporate Research


Choosing The Right Motor Control and Protection Components – Download PDF 

Executive summary:- 

Amid mushrooming global demand for energy and increasing concern for the environment, countries around the world are implementing tighter environmental restrictions. Industrial motors, a major global consumer of electricity, are one of the prime targets of the new regulations and standards.

The transition to IE3 premium efficiency motors and IE4 super premiumefficiency motors is underway, raising challenges for  businesses. However, these challenges also bring opportunities for businesses to reduce energy costs and increase efficiency while  lightening their impact on the environment.

To make the right motor starter choices and ensure maximum energy efficiency, it is important to be aware of how IE3 premium efficiency motors behave during starting and the impact this behavior can have on protective devices. Schneider Electric TeSys motor starter products (motor circuit breakers, overload thermal relays, and contactors) have undergoneextensive laboratory testing with different motor brands to confirm their compatibility with IE3 and IE4 motors.

The guidelines in this white paper are designed to help you make the right choices according to your electrical installation and motor.

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