October 2012

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Product Highlights:

  • Electrical Distribution & Protection
  • Workplace Safety Products
  • Explosion Protected Products
    Cooper Crouse-Hinds


Product Highlights: Electrical Distribution & Protection

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ABB air circuit breaker

Introducing ABB Air Circuit Breaker & Advanced Protection Relay using PR122

Reliability of electrical supply is high in demand in modern installations, data centre, high-end manufacturing and financial centre. Just to name a few, where one nuisance tripping is unbearable, any interruption of chiller system may cause financial damage.

 Introduce the PR122 trip unit:

  • Advanced protection functions
  • Possible to capture the current and voltage waveforms during fault
  • Improve the performance of your entire electrical network system
  • Withstand high dynamic and thermal stresses Features to improve MTBF and MTTR
  • Vital in protection


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Product Highlights: Workplace Safety Products

Brady GlobalMark® Printing System for GHS labeling compliance.



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 Brady’s complete GHS label printing solution composed the following products:

  • GlobalMark2 MultiColor or Color & Cut Printer
  • MarkWare Software Version 3.8.1 or higher (free upgrade available)
  • White continuous tape
  • Black & red paneled ribbon


GlobalMark™: Compact, fast & surprisingly versatile

  • Color-printing of texts, symbols, pictograms & barcodes
  • Fast, flexible & economical
  • Variety of materials designed for any application
  • GHS label for Globalmark are available in:
    > B-569 glossy Polyester Tape 
    > B-595 Indoor/outdoor Grade Vinyl Tape 


Markware™: Label design software

  • Software includes pre-configured GHS settings
  • Supports new GHS regulation 
  • Create GHS labels quickly & easily according to needs


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Product Highlights: Explosion Protected Products



lightningSurge Protection Solutions

Surges & spikes can destroy unprotected electronic equipment & power supplies within the building. At this point, surges should be stopped in order to prevent them from propagating further.

By providing protection at the main power distribution board and each piece of equipment, main borne surges and spikes are eliminated before they can cause damage. Power protection is fundamental.

MTL supplies that protection:

  • ZoneMaster Series
  • ZoneSentinel Series
  • ZoneDefender Series
  • MA3100 Series
  • MA3350 Series
  • MA05, MA10, MA15 & 30


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