Cooper Bussmann

The Bussmann brand is the industry standard for circuit protection on more than 50,00 SKUs of electrical and electronic fuses, fuse holders, power distribution blocks as well as engineering, training and testing services. 

Electrical UL Products for North America

Bussmann circuit protection products and services focus on downtime reduction, workplace safety and code compliance for the industrial / MRO, OEM and construction markets. From electrical power fuses to fuse blocks and holders and engineering services, the Bussmann brand stands for protection you rely on. 

Product Range :

Disconnects Fuse blocks and holders Fuses – electronic PCB and small dimension

Fused and non-fused disconnect switches

Fuse blocks and holders up to 600 volts and 600, amps and accessories

Electronic and small dimension fuses

Fuses – high speed Fuses – IEC and British Standard Fuses – low voltage midget and supplemental

North American, square body, BS 88 and ferrule high speed fuses

IEC and British Standard industrial fuses

Automotive, in-line, limiters, midget and pin indicating

Fuses – low voltage UL, CSA branch circuit

Fuses – medium voltage

HVAC disconnects

Class CC, CF, G, J, K5 and H, L, RK1, RK5 and T, and plug fuses

Medium voltage fuses up to 38 Kv

Fused and non-fused rainproof air conditioner pullout units

Other accessories

Power distribution blocks

Quik-Spec™ fusible panelboards

Service kits, fuse pullers, fuse reducers, etc.

Finger-safe, high SCCR and standard power distribution, splicer and terminal blocks

Quik-Spec Coordination Panelboards (QSCP) make compliance with selective coordination requirements easy

 Quik-Spec™ Power Module elevator disconnects  Safety switches  Services


Fusible power switch or panel with shunt trip and fire safety interface to allow for single point tie in with fire alarm system

Bussmann series AC and DC safety switches for safe isolation of equipment –  AC up to 100A, DC up to 200A

Tools, services and customer products that help you achieve safety and protection objectives

Solar PV fuses

Surge protective devices


10x38mm, 14x51mm, NH and XL size PV fuses up to 1500Vdc and 630A

Type 1, 2 and 3 UL, Class I and II IEC, photovoltaic, wind power, data signal SPDs and SurgePOD SPD modules

Telecom circuit protection products and accessories

Terminal blocks and connectors


Rail and panel mount connectors and disconnects