Innovation is defined as something newly introduced. Perhaps it is a new method, an improved solution, a new design, or an entirely new device. Whatever your innovation, it represents a change for the better, and as always, it is the result of both your inspiration and your hard work. 

At Fibox, we appreciate your effort and match it with our own. Fibox is the leading innovator in developing enclosure solutions to protect your electrical and electronic designs from hostile environments. Simply put, we enclosure your innovations. 

45 years experience

In 1966, Fibox introduced the first modular enclosure injection moulded from polycarbonate plastic. These enclosures began a new era in electrical panel building. From the beginning, a commitment to innovation resulted in continuous product improvement, resulting in more than 20 patents. Our on-going product development has fuelled the dramatic and rapid growth of Fibox. 

Whatever your application, the Fibox enclosure product family features the widest range of high quality enclosures for the packaging and protection of electrical and electronic components and systems. Fibox offers over 1000 enclosure variations. Enclosures can be delivered in standard off-the-shelf configurations, or customized to your exact specification. For higher volume OEM’s, Fibox offers custom moulds and contract manufacturing. 

Product Range : 



Fibox MNX

Offers extensive options 

This range offers over 260 versions. Choose MNX if you have a large product family that needs to be housed in matching enclosures with the minimum of fuss, no matter the environment or installation height. For the protection of electrical and electronic components of all kinds.                                                                                                                                                           



Withstands sudden impacts

If you need major impact resistance, then CAB may be the enclosure for you. Think of the harshest and most demanding environments – CAB will not let you down. It will resist weathering and take the knocks better than steel. A wide selection is available. 



Fibox ALU

Lightweight, yet offering the extensive protection from aluminium construction

Our ALU enclosures can be mounted almost anywhere, so it’s just as well they withstand so much! Knocks, bangs, chemicals, temperatures that swing from tropical to frozen, or where EMC protection is an issue – ALU beats the competition in guarding against it all. 




Solid protection 

Solid is the superb all-rounder, both in and out of doors. If you need general protection, in everyday environments, Solid may be the all-purpose solution you are seeking for electronic and electrical components. 




Protective access

Wherever functions, such as push buttons and sensors, need to see the light of day, Piccolo is the neat solution. It’s also modular and adaptable, with a range of sizes and accessories.