Wiring Devices

MK Electric have a comprehensive range of wiring devices.  From the iconic Logic Plus range, to the innovative astral advanced lighting control system, and echo, the batteryless, wireless self-powered switch.  MK offer products and solutions for all installations and applications.


              The Elements Collection                                                              White Wiring Devices                                                                            Decorative Wiring Devices                                  
               Weatherproof                               Industrial                 Plugs & Adaptors


 Cable Management

MK Electric’s Cable Management Portfolio offers products for all installations.  From Perimeter and Distribution, Conduit and Mini Trunking and Alarm and Communication Trunking, all extrusions are made from 90%* recycled materials.

Ega Raised Floor Systems  Ega Screeded Floor Systems Perimeter and Distribution


Friedland Chimes

The breadth of our ranges in Door Chimes, Pushes, Transformers, Bells and Buzzers offer inovation and individualism to every home.

Décor Glass Chimes Décor Wirefree Chimes Mini Wired Chimes