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Lighting Equipment & Control Equipment

Starting with specialized lighting solutions for tunnels, roadways and industry, Seiwa Electric has an impressive lineup of lighting and control equipment products. Seiwa produces explosion-proof lighting for use in chemical plants, oil refineries and other hazardous environments, as well as air-and watertight light fixtures, providing a full range of lighting products able to withstand the rigors of various industrial environments. These products have earned a strong reputation across a spectrum of industries for their superior level of safety and reliability. Moreover, the spreading field of application for out lighting technology, from the water tanks in nuclear power plants to clean rooms in semiconductor factories, is itself a testament to Seiwa Electric’s leadership in the industry.

With research and development founded on safe lighting solutions that are people and environment friendly, Seiwa Electric has a proud list of achievements in supplying illumination for tunnels, highways and expressways, street lighting for towns and cities, and landscape lighting. Recently, our research and development efforts have focused on devising support lighting to improve nighttime driving safety and dual-powered lighting equipment that uses clean, renewable solar and wind power. Because of developments like these, the energy efficient, eco-friendly light fixtures we produce at Seiwa Electric are garnering more attention than ever before.

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