Established since 1983, Sirijaya is a reputable manufacturer of innovative, high quality Fluorescent Light Fittings, Lamp and Starter Holders supplying to domestic and overseas markets. Our products meet the highest quality requirements of the relevant standards and the company has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification for the Quality System.

Product Range :

LED Linear – LED Anti Corrosive Fitting

LED Linear – LED Daikon Diffuser Fitting

LED Linear – LED Green Batten 

LED Linear – LED Vandal Proof Fitting 

LED Louvre – LED MOL Fitting

LED Louvre – LED VDU Fitting

LED Louvre – LED White Louvre Fitting

LED Panel – LED Panel Light

Anti Corrosive Fitting – IP65 (T5)

Anti Corrosive Fitting – IP65 (T8)