Harmonics Mitigation

The quality of electrical power is determined by voltage.  High quality voltage is the best guarantee for continuous operation of equipment.  However, with the introduction of harmonics in electrical system due to many non-linear loads, voltages are distorted.  This harmonics phenomenon causes many issues such as excessive temperature rise in motors and transformers, electrical “noises”, equipment accelerated aging and malfunctioning especially for sensitive electronic equipment.  In fact, power quality issues are well worth consideration, even more so for segments such as Oil & Gas, Electronic & Wafer Fabrication, Pharmaceutical and Hospitals, where the availability and quality of power is critical.  Correct identification of the root cause is essential to choosing the best solution right from the start.  These solutions include Active Harmonic Filters which reduce the upstream harmonic pollution, providing a safe and reliable AC electrical distribution system and thus lowering your energy expenses.  Our services include Design, Installation and Testing & Commissioning.