Air Circuit Breakers

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    Product Category: Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
    • Schneider Masterpact Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), NT and NW series, offers circuit protection from 630A to 6300A
    • Masterpact ACB offers built in communications, metering, functions, withdrawability, discrimination and low maintenance
    • Five performance levels

      ~ N1 – for standard applications with low short-circuit levels

      ~ H1 – for industrial sites with high short-circuit levels or installations with two parallel-connected transformers

      ~ H2 – high-performance for heavy industry where very high short-circuit can occur

      ~ H3 – for incoming devices supplying critical applications requiring both high performance and a high level of

      ~ L1 – for high current-limiting capability and a discrimination level (37kA) as yet unequalled; intended for the protection of cable- type feeders or switchboards when the transformer power rating is increased