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Heat & Cold Protective Surface Ceramic Coating in Singapore

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ERSTOTHERM® Ceramic Coating Help To Yield Energy Savings Through Its Thermal Insulation Properties

ERSTOTHERM® is an unique combination of styrene-acrylate with thermoceramic particles that offers a simple, safe and cost effective solution against insulation issues. With ERSTOTHERM®, existing facilities can enjoy thermal insulation without excessive work to the infrastructure – this is due to a paint-like texture for easy application.

When applied to the interior of a building, ERSTOTHERM® is able to reduce the amount of heat energy conducted through the walls. Cooler ambient temperatures does not only mean comfort for us. Air-conditioning is energy intensive and works even harder during those hot and humid days. By reducing the thermal bridge, ERSTOTHERM® effectively lessens the load on the air-conditioning system, which directly translates to energy savings and a reduction in the building’s carbon footprint. 

Uncoated Roof tile
Rooftile coated with ERSTOTHERM

Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows a substantial drop in temperature (~15 Deg Celsius) or 30% reduction in heat from the uncoated tile in an outdoor environment. 1mm of ERSTOTHERM® can replace up to 6cm of traditional mineral wool. 

Approximate surface temperature reduction with Erstotherm® on a 150 mm diameter metal pipe

 Figure 3 – Approximate surface temperature reduction with ERSTOTHERM® on a 150 mm diameter metal pipe.

Property Highlights for ERSTOTHERM®

Erstotherm Features

Coating based on acrylate with vacuum ceramic particle

Integrated mould & algae protection
Longevity approx. 10 – 15 years

U-values of up to 0.0012 W / (m K) possible on substrates
Reflects approx. 85% of the radiant energy

Acoustic Improvements
Reduces heat and cold losses

High biological and chemical resistance
Significant reduction of energy costs for heating and cooling systems

Water vapour diffusibility

Protects against condensation moisture

Area of Application

  • Thermal insulation on facades, walls, ceilings, window reveals and roofs as well as other mineral, wooden and metal substrates. Suitable for use in living and working rooms, indoors and outdoors.
  • Insulates permanently existing thermal bridges
  • Applicable on almost all mineral, metal and wooden surfaces in the INSIDE and OUTSIDE areas.
  • Overpaintability of old coats has to be checked for each individual case (apply test area).
  • The safe insulation for heavily weathered facades and concrete surfaces, especially with high driving rain loads and for protection against aggressive atmospheres.

We recommend always to determine the optimal layer thickness for ERSTOTHERM by preliminary laboratory or experimental tests in order to achieve the desired insulation performance on the selected substrate.

Cooling Tower
Oil Tank
Oil Tank

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