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3M Upgrade Your Gear Program
[Exchange New Facepieces]

Upgrade Your Gear Program

Valid from 1 Dec 2021 to 31 Jan 2022

Get Free Facepieces when you buy cartridges or filters on offer.*

(Min 10 sets)

Available free demo or trial to ensure you get the best fit.

Limited Time Only!

3M reusable respirators


Register with 3M for Upgrade Your Gear offer.


*Decide the number of facepieces (min 10) you want to exchange and get the same number of 3M new facepieces for free.


Please order for filters & cartridges to match the facepieces.

Complimentary Services

Available complimentary services such as product demonstration, fit testing, training and maintenance program to ensure greater protection.

Upgrade Your Respirators

*Participate and register to exchange your old facepieces (any brands) with 3M reusable respirators (including new launched SecureClick respirator) for free! Minimum to claim 10pcs of facepieces and this is only eligible for the first PO. Don't miss this great opportunity! The promo will be valid until 31 Jan 2022.

3m reusable respirators cartridges & filters
cartridges and filters of 3M SecureClick Respirator

NEW! 3M SecureClick Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator HF-800 Series

Why Should I Upgrade My Gear?

Pay only for cartridges and filters - exchange your existing facepieces for new 3M facepieces.

All 3M reusable respirators have the same bayonet-style connector allowing for flexibility in facepiece style, filter and cartridge selection.

Wide portfolio of products to comply with local and international standards.

Value added services such as fit-testing, training and maintenance programs.

Terms & Conditions

*Trade-Up: Users who are currently using 3M disposable respirator (DR) or reusable respirator (RR) could upgrade your existing respirators to a higher tier products for free. Eg: DR to RR, RR to premium RR. Old RR to be collected for disposal if possible.

*Trade-In: Users who are currently not using PPE or using DR/ RR of other brands are opened to exchange new 3M respirators for free. Old RR to be collected for disposal if possible.

*Free RR face-piece for every purchase of Cartridge or Filter in first order (PO) only.

*Minimum claim 10 pieces face-pieces (can mix and match).

*Maximum claim 100 pieces face-pieces for Trade-Up, no max limit for Trade-In.

*Each end-user is only eligible for one-time FREE RR facepiece claim regardless of which distributor promoted the scheme.

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