Sindcon DIN Rail Mounted Single Phase Energy Meter (SIN2203ZL)

Din rail single phase electronic DIN meter, is the latest generation single phase two wire active energy meter based on the 1st generation LEM011 series. It adopts the advanced microelectric technology and SMT techniques etc, owning the complete intellectual property right. The technical performances completely conform to International Standards IEC 62053-21 for Class 1 single phase active energy meter. It can measure the active energy consumption accurately and directly from single phase AC power grid of rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz. The meter with super wide temperature LCD has updated and improved comprehensively in appearance, structure, materials, function, life and other aspects. It has features of small size, light weight, convenient installation, nicer appearance, longer service life etc.

This product is a key component in a comprehensive facility monitoring and/or energy management system.

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Long Range Communication

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