Evolved Solutions In Sync With The Ever-Changing Market Trends

At Lim Kim Hai Electric, we go beyond traditional distribution practices in the industry.

We are focused on empowering innovation in providing the ‘Safe & Save’ electrical solutions. Specifically, we tailor our solutions to effectively address the constantly evolving market trends. Our commitment to flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness to meet the dynamic needs of the market makes us stand out from our peers.

Smart Energy Monitoring and Management Systems Overview

Gain Valuable Insights with an Energy Management System

ABB Ability Energy & Asset Manager

ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager is an ISO50001 and LEEDS certified local and cloud based solution that integrates energy and asset management in a single intuitive dashboard.

Schneider Electric Ecostruxure

EcoStruxure(™) Energy Hub is a cloud based energy management software that automatically collects, stores, visualizes and reports data from your building’s performance.

LoRa Monitoring Solution by Sindcon

IoT – LoRa is both a local and cloud based solution that enables versatile, long range, low power communication for various IOT applications like utilities monitoring with LoRa energy/ water/ gas meters.

EnerTag Smart Utility Management

EnerTag is a smart utility management solution tailored for landlords, facility managers, and building owners to streamline oversight of tenant consumption to ease the billing process.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting Overview

Our lighting specialists are familiar with the appropriate lighting standards or code of practices in order to advise the best solution that suits the application intent while adhering to the safety standards in any applications.

3D Printed Lighting

In the evolving landscape of sustainable design, 3D Printed Lighting stands out as a shining example of true innovation and environmental responsibility.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting solutions integrate with architectural elements to create visually appealing, dynamic, and inviting settings.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems are a strategic investment that promises long-term gains in efficiency, energy savings, and resource optimisation.

Human-Centric Lighting

Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) is a lighting design concept that aims to mimic our natural exposure to sunlight by shifting colour and light intensity throughout the day.

Safety Solutions Overview

From the workplace environment, to employee’s protection equipment, there are things that companies should never compromise. If a zero accident policy is unattainable, there should at least be a target to minimise injuries.

Workplace Safety

Workplace solution is the process of protecting employees from work-related illness and injury. A safe working environment increases productivity.

Visual Safety

Safety Signs are crucial in preventing injury and ensuring stakeholders are well aware of possible dangers, as well as hazards ahead in certain situations and environments.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

All accidents are preventable. PPE protects its user against any physical and internal harm in a hazardous workplace environment.

Safety Services

Lim Kim Hai Electric has a team of experienced safety specialists who are certified to conduct respiratory and ear fit tests.

Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) Solution Overview

We offer one stop EV charging solution from EV charger supply, to EV charger installation and maintenance. We also offer EV charging software which includes CMS and cost effective secured payment gateway solution.

EV Chargers

Our EV charger has obtained the Letter of No Objection (LNO) and type approval from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and affirming its reliability.

EV Charging Management Software

Our CMS can be used by Charge Station Operators, Electric Car OEMs, Resident welfare association (RWAs), Energy Supply Firms and more.

EV Charger Installation and Maintenance

We ensure that the charging infrastructure complies with Singapore’s rules and regulations, meeting the safety and performance standards outlined in TR25.

EV Charging Station Services

We offer a range of additional services, offering customization and painting tailored to your preferences, enhancing the visibility and differentiation of your charging station.