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Lim Kim Hai Electric is an authorized distributor

of MOBILE in Singapore MOBILE has established itself worldwide as a specialist in explosion-proof and extremely resilient mobile communication devices, and it develops and markets devices for safe use in hazardous areas and for robust use in industry and outdoors.


Product Categories

Mobile Phone Zone 222

Mobile Phone Zone 1/21

5G Radio Zone 1_21

5G Radio Zone 1/21

Smartphone Zone 1_21

Smartphone Zone 1/21

Tablet Zone 1_21

Tablet Zone 1/21

Add-on Zone 1_21

Add-on Zone 1/21



Mobile Phone Zone 222

Mobile Phone Zone 2/22

Smartphone Zone 2_22

Smartphone Zone 2/22

Tablet Zone 2_22

Tablet Zone 2/22

Add-on Zone 2_22

Add-on Zone 2/22

Smartphone industry

Smartphone Industry

Tablet industry

Tablet Industry

Add-on industry

Add-on Industry

Smartphone mining

Smartphone Mining

Tablet mining

Product Mining

Add-on mining

Add-on Mining

I-Safe Accessories MOBILE Accessories


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