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Smart Energy Monitoring and Management Systems

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Energy Monitoring and Energy Management Systems

Gain Valuable Insights with an Energy Management System

A smart energy management system starts with Energy monitoring, the systematic monitoring, recording, and visualization of energy usage that may span an entire facility or focus on individual assets. Energy monitoring software is crucial in providing valuable insights that enable effective energy control, cost savings, and conservation. In addition, an effective energy management system empowers facility managers to make decisions based on truly data-driven insights.  Without implementing energy monitoring, identifying inefficiencies and taking appropriate corrective measures would be challenging.

Energy efficiency brings significant benefits to businesses, whether in terms of cost reduction or environmental impact mitigation. The Carbon Trust highlights that most businesses can achieve a minimum 10% reduction in energy costs, and often up to 20%, through straightforward actions yielding rapid returns, such as installing LEDs or upgrading to Smart Lighting.

Monitoring the results and the extent of improvement with each change becomes crucial, as it helps identify the most effective modifications and potential areas for further enhancement. To achieve maximum energy efficiency, an ongoing refinement of your strategy is essential to align with current challenges.  Upgrading to a smart energy management system makes the monitoring process more efficient and accurate. 

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Our Energy Monitoring & Management Solutions

Energy Monitoring Solution

Smart Building Monitoring

  • Tracking and recording energy consumption data energy consumption by area / floor level, etc.
  • Provides real time and historical insights into energy consumption, allowing users to monitor trends, identify inefficiencies and identify opportunities for improvement

Smart Utility Management

  • Understanding energy, gas, and water usage metrics of your building
  • Enable further usage breakdown by tenants’ consumption and facilitate tenant billing process
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Smart Energy Management System?

Smart Energy Management Systems are an integrated technology solution designed to monitor, control, and optimize the generation, distribution, and consumption of energy in a more efficient and sustainable manner. These systems leverage advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and automation, to enhance the overall management of energy resources.

They play a crucial role in creating more sustainable energy ecosystems by promoting efficiency, reducing waste, and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources.

What are the different types of Smart Energy Management Systems

Lim Kim Hai Electric is a distributor for ABB Ability Energy & Asset Manager, Schneider EcoStruxure, and Sindcon LoRaWAN Monitoring Solutions.  Depending on several factors including size, distance between meters, preferred language, or report type, our specialists can recommend the best energy management system for you.  

How will the 2024 Carbon Tax in Singapore affect my company, and how can energy management systems help?

Companies will be affected by the increase in carbon tax rates, which will continue rising exponentially until 2030.  From 2024 onwards, it will be required to track consumption submit reports to verify carbon emissions.  With an energy management system, owners will be able to view real time data from their facilities and in addition, set consumption benchmarks to ensure energy savings. 

At what stage should we start planning for sustainable building measures?

Singapore introduced the Carbon Pricing Act (CPA) in 2019.  From 2019-2023, carbon emissions were set at $5 per ton. However, from 2024 to 2025, carbon tax rates will raise to $25 per ton. This will not be the maximum, as there is potential for the carbon tax rate to reach up to 80 per ton by 2030. To understand your current consumption habits and make changes to reduce carbon emissions, an energy monitoring system should be put into place as soon as possible.

Is my facility suitable for a Smart Energy Management System?

Energy management systems are beneficial to space of all sizes, from single residences to multiple buildings.  Our team will come to your facility to conduct a site survey, and determine the best possible energy management system for your application. 

What is the potential cost of installing an Energy Management System in Singapore?

The potential cost involved includes the cost of purchasing of energy meters, installation cost, energy meter maintenance, and energy monitoring software. 

Lim Kim Hai Electric is provides a complimentary on-site consultation. We are also offering the installation, maintenance and software as a one stop solution. We recommend engaging the Energy Management Specialist, Mr. Felix,  to advise the best solution that would fit your application needs, and therefore advise on the cost. 

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