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Commercial spaces like offices, shopping malls, stores, institutions, hospitals, government buildings, eateries etc install good quality artificial lighting to ensure that people in a workspace can work comfortably, enabling smoother operations and optimising their productivity. Though at a higher initial cost, such investment tends to yield a longer lifespan, better visual comfort, enticing ambience, lower maintenance and service costs. Marry all these benefits with energy saving solutions such as LED lighting and dimming solutions, this will lead to better experiential quality for users.

In industrial applications where safety is a primary concern, lighting is more than just about illuminating spaces. It is also a critical element in ensuring the safety and well being of workers, especially in a hazardous environments. Hence, suppliers should be familiar with the appropriate lighting standards or code of practices in order to advise the best solution that suits the application intent while adhering to the safety standards in any applications.

Lim Kim Hai Electric has been serving the electrical industrial segment for more than 60 years and we have the expertise to advise you on the best fit solution for any lighting requirement. We look forward to walking this light journey with you.

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Government Grants for Lighting Equpiment

Energy Efficiency Grant (SMEs)

The Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG) was launched in September 2022 and has been extended to run until March 2026.  The objective of this grant is to help these SMEs cope with rising energy costs while working towards the Singapore Green Plan 2030, through co-funding investments in more energy efficient equipment.

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EEG Banner Link Non SMEs

Energy Efficiency Grant (non-SMEs)

The Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG) was launched in September 2022 and has been extended to run until March 2026.  The objective of this grant is to help these companies operating in Singapore cope with rising energy costs while working towards the Singapore Green Plan 2030, through co-funding investments in more energy efficient equipment.

Energy Efficient Technologies Grant

The Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) Grant is one of the five grants offered by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA), under the Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) Scheme.  The objective of this grant is in a bid to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, so Singapore can take more steps to meet their pledge under the Paris Agreement

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Lighting Solutions


connected lighting


Transform operations and reap the benefits of a connected lighting system. Upgrade your spaces to and introduce a level of remote monitoring, control, reporting and analysis.  A connected lighting system can effectively form the IOT infrastructure for a smart building and asset management system, stretching the application of lighting beyond illumination. Connected lighting is thus the first step towards a smart system and futureproofing your organisation for advancements and digitalisation.

energy savings lighting


While lighting is a vital component of our everyday lives it is also important to consider the impact of excessive energy usage from an ecological perspective, as well as the strain on societal infrastructure. By selecting LED fixtures over conventional lighting, there is already 40-55% energy savings, depending on the type of lamp & control gear. By further adapting LEDs into a smart system, energy savings can go up to 70-80%, depending on the location and applications. Finally, by selecting vendors that engage in technological advances and green logistics practices, you are playing your part to support sustainability in the lighting industry.

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3d printed lighting


Product design for a circular economy is a crucial step in a company’s sustainability plan. 3D printed lighting takes the concept of a circular economy one step further with its materials being 100% recyclable and a reduced carbon footprint of up to 75% compared to traditional aluminum die-cast lighting.’


uvc lighting


In the current endemic stage, it is important to keep the work environment free of viruses. Philips UV-C lighting solutions have been proven in the laboratory to inactivate 99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus on a surface with an exposure time of 6 seconds. The extensive range of their UV-C lamps can be integrated into luminaires and equipment of all sizes to treat the surrounding air and work surfaces.


hazardous area lighting


Facilities such as petrochemical, oil refinery and grain storage require enhanced protection in addition to the basic illumination function of their luminaires. Hazardous rated luminaires for these industries are designed to contain sparks within the fixtures to prevent ignition of fumes in the working environment.

Wide Range of Lighting Products

LED Tubes / LED PLC Lamps / LED Bulbs / LED MR16

Applications: Suitable for new or retrofit luminaires at all locations.

LED Downlight

Applications: Large rooms and/or rooms with low ceilings: shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, cafe, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

LED Battens

Applications: Schools, offices, hospitals, factories, workshops, warehouses, commercial buildings, large parking lots, shopping malls, etc.

LED Panels

Applications: Open office, hospital, meeting room, canteen, supermarket, warehouse, school, etc.

LED High Bay / Low Bay

Applications: Industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, large conference halls, event centers, factories, community or recreation centers, airport hangars, gymnasiums, etc.

LED Floodlights

Applications: Shipyards, manufacturing plants, construction sites, parking areas, highways, sports arenas, billboard lighting etc.

Solar Street Light

Applications: Parks, pedestrian path, building perimeters, plazas, rural areas, schools compound etc.

Explosion Proof Lighting

Applications: Hazardous areas, industrial environments, offshore platforms or within outdoor areas of onshore refineries.

UV-C Lighting

Applications: Offices, retail outlets, hair & beauty salons, hospital, restaurants, theatres, factories, hospitality areas, schools and public washrooms, modes of transport such as aircraft, buses and trains.

Artificial Skylight

Applications: Retail, residential and commercial buildings that have no windows or may extend multiple storeys underground, treatment and recovery areas of hospitals / clinics, lifestyle showrooms, etc.

3D Tailored Lighting

Applications: Hospitality & Retail (Create a unique in-store and hospitality experience), Commercial buildings (new or retrofit for various ceiling types).

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