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Commercial spaces like offices, shopping malls, stores, institutions, hospitals, government buildings, eateries etc install good quality artificial lighting to ensure that people in a workspace can work comfortably, enabling smoother operations and optimising their productivity. Though at a higher initial cost, such investment tends to yield a longer lifespan, better visual comfort, enticing ambience, lower maintenance and service costs. Marry all these benefits with energy saving solutions such as LED lighting and dimming solutions, this will lead to better experiential quality for users.

In industrial applications where safety is a primary concern, lighting is more than just about illuminating spaces. It is also a critical element in ensuring the safety and well being of workers, especially in a hazardous environments. Hence, suppliers should be familiar with the appropriate lighting standards or code of practices in order to advise the best solution that suits the application intent while adhering to the safety standards in any applications.

Lim Kim Hai Electric has been serving the electrical industrial segment for more than 60 years and we have the expertise to advise you on the best fit solution for any lighting requirement. We look forward to walking this light journey with you.

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Wide Range of Lighting Products

LED Tubes / LED PLC Lamps / LED Bulbs / LED MR16

These are the LED fitted equivalents to mimic the shapes and functions of traditional fluorescent, compact fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lamps and can be easily retrofitted into your existing fixtures. They are a reasonable alternative because of its cost factor, energy efficiency and relatively longer service life. Suitable for new or retrofit luminaires at all locations.

LED Downlight

Integrated LED downlight is a fitting with the LED module designed as part of the complete luminaire system. It is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction with various beam angle light distribution. Such a system is generally more efficient than a traditional downlight fitted with retrofit LED lamp because its thermal handling and optical efficiency had already been considered and optimised during the product development phase. Therefore, an area fitted with an integrated LED downlight will most definitely use lesser quantity when compared to using a traditional retrofit downlight.


Large rooms and/or rooms with low ceilings: shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, cafe, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

LED Battens

LED battens are highly energy-efficient tube lights that can be fixed to the ceiling. It has a slim and minimalist look but yet delivers a real bright light and wide beam angles. Thus offer constant, spot free illumination across different rooms. Widely used in retail, commercial, industrial and residential installations.


Schools, offices, hospitals, factories, workshops, warehouses, commercial buildings, large parking lots, shopping malls, etc.

LED Panels

LED panel is a type of lighting fixture designed to replace the conventional recessed fluorescent mirror louvered or prismatic diffuser fittings. It has a slimmer housing profile because of its flat design, thus enabling the false ceiling depth to be made shallower.


Open office, hospital, meeting room, canteen, supermarket, warehouse, school, etc.

LED High Bay / Low Bay

LED High bay/Low bay are fittings that are generally designed for areas with high/low ceiling applications, usually 6m and above for high bays and 6m and below for low bays. It provides a high lighting intensity due to its optical design in order to reduce the overall installed quantum. They generally have a wider selection of various beam angle distributions and lumen packages.


Industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, large conference halls, event centers, factories, community or recreation centers, airport hangars, gymnasiums, etc.

LED Floodlights

A floodlight is a broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial light, typically used in large commercial or industrial space for uniform illuminating purposes. Specially designed floodlights are often used in indoor or outdoor sport arenas for live broadcasting purposes.


Shipyards, manufacturing plants, construction sites, parking areas, highways, sports arenas, billboard lighting etc.

Solar Street Light

Integrated solar LED street light with battery, solar panel and charger built into the luminaire. It brings light to areas without access to the electric grid, saves energy, is environmentally friendly and preserves landscape as no trenching for cabling is required.


Parks, pedestrian path, building perimeters, plazas, rural areas, schools compound etc.

Explosion Proof Lighting

Explosion proof lighting is a type of fixture which can be installed in certain harsh working environments with explosive or corrosive particles. These fixtures are thus protected against self explosion when abnormalities happen in such working environments.


Hazardous areas, industrial environments, offshore platforms or within outdoor areas of onshore refineries.

UV-C Lighting

UV-C lighting disinfects radiated air, surfaces, objects and water which contain bacteria and viruses and helps to reduce them from spreading further. In laboratory testing, Philips UV-C light sources inactivated 99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus on a surface with an exposure time of 6 seconds.


Offices, retail outlets, hair & beauty salons, hospital, restaurants, theatres, factories, hospitality areas, schools and public washrooms, modes of transport such as aircraft, buses and trains.

Artificial Skylight

CoeLux has successfully created an artificial daylight system that truly mimics a window facing an infinite blue sky. The technology is able to light up an environment with effects similar to those reproduced by natural light through an appropriate distribution of contrasts and colors.


Retail, residential and commercial buildings that have no windows or may extend multiple storeys underground, treatment and recovery areas of hospitals / clinics, lifestyle showrooms, etc.

3D Tailored Lighting

3D tailored lighting is a flexible, fast and sustainable solution. It enables you to custom-design or tailor your luminaires. This solution saves on time, energy, waste in manufacturing, packaging and transportation. 3D printing paves the way for more innovative designs with more complex shapes and colors.


Hospitality & Retail (Create a unique in-store and hospitality experience), Commercial buildings (new or retrofit for various ceiling types).

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