3M 6006 Multi Gas Cartridge

Legacy 3M Model: WX700902686

Gas, Vapour and Particulate Filters, 6099 have a bayonet-style connection that fits any full-face Reusable Masks, and they’re designed to optimise your field of vision. Our filters offer lightweight and well-balanced breathing protection for hazardous environments.

Combined formaldehyde organic vapor cartridge with P100 particulate filter

Swept-back design for enhanced field of view and balance

Bayonet compatibility allows use with many half and full facepieces and certain Scott™ full facepieces

Wide range of applications reduces inventory needs

Simple installation and usage requirements reduce training needs

For workplace/occupational use only

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Overall Length (cm)


Product Type


Compatible Respirator

Full Facepieces FF-400

Connection Type


Maintenance Free


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Overall Height (Imp) UOM


Particulate Protection

Organic Vapor