Sindcon Multi-Protocol LoRaWAN Bridge

Sindcon’s Neptuen Series LoRaWAN Bridge, powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 core integrated in a LoRa SoC, converts wired Modbus devices into LoRaWAN wireless nodes.  It enables reading of any register of the connected EDMI, Modbus, or DLMS device through LoRaWAN.  Confirguration of Modbus register maping can be remotely done from the Sindcon LoRaWAN server.  The device is optionally equipped with built-in Bluetooth for on-field configuration.

  • Supports multi-protocol Modbus, DLMS, EDMI proprietary protocol.
  • Over the air firmware upgrade can be downlinked to devices via Sindcon LoRaWAN server
  • Local data logging is available and local storage can be accessed by mobile to PC via bluetooth communication
  • Power supply lost caused by power trips can be detected and sent alert to system
  • Mobile app setting supported by Sindcon Mobile App
  • Can transmit up to 50 registers or equivalent 400 bytes of register data

This product is a key component in a comprehensive facility monitoring and/or energy management system.

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The SOC Integrating ARM Cortex-M4 Core

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Long Range Communication

Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology enables wireless transmission range of up to 15km in open environments.

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