ACB, Air Circuit Breaker, a type of electronic equipment used for the protection of electric circuits from short circuits or overcurrent. The ACB operates at atmospheric pressure in air. ACB is used in the switching mechanism and protection of the electrical system.

MCCB, Molded Case Circuit Breaker, used at the load side of the circuit in order to break the circuit from load side in case of any fault which can cause damage to the circuit.

MCB, Miniature Circuit Breaker, an electromagnetic device that carries a complete molded insulating material. The primary function of this device is to switch the circuit. This means to automatically open the circuit (which has been connected to it) when the current passing through the circuit goes beyond a set value or limit. The device can be manually switched ON or OFF just like normal switches whenever necessary.

We are distributing a comprehensive range circuit breakers to serve commercial and industrial needs. Our reputable brand partners include ABB, Fuji Electric, Schneider Electric, and more.

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