Premier Trunking Systems

Premier is a modern integrated trunking system which provides the means to distribute power, date and telecom services around buildings.

A wide range of snap-fit mouldings, including reducers, make it easy to run continuous lengths of trunks as cable feeders and, where required, to provide dado trunking with the necessary power, date and telecom outlets. The MK Aspect and Logic Plus accessory ranges complement the style and finish of Premier Trunking.

Prestige Plus Trunking Systems

Prestige Plus is an elegant trunking system for skirting and dado applications with a unique, curved profile. It’s contoured, organic shape which complements the Logic Plus range of wiring devices and is an un-obstructive, visually aesthetic, addition to any environment. Dado trunking now benefits from, flexible Cat 6 compliant data bends and improved styling.

Cable Support Systems

Designed to meet BS, IEC and SS standards, they are produced under strict quality control and using the latest full automation, computerised high-tech precision machinery. The state of art powder coating lines is the latest in technology making the finishes of the products of the highest quality. The precision parts manufactured make the whole system completely interchangeable and ensure fast and easy installation. It ensures a pleasant continuous run with smooth joints, strength and straightness.