Batten LED


GreenPerform LED Batten is a high quality LED batten and a high system efficacy that delivers significant energy savings of up to 50% as compared to conventional T8 battens. With a reliable and robust housing structure, this maximizes the endurance and contributes to its long lifetime.
With its flexible optics and mounting accessories, it is suitable for symmetrical, asymmetrical, direct and indirect lighting applications. It can be used in a wide variety of applications.

AZ e-lite

The AZCESS LED Batten Fitting Light fixtures are perfect replacements for 2-feet and 4-feet T8 fluorescent fixtures. Available in 2 main models (LF and LFE) to suit different requirements, the AZCESS series come packed with remarkable features.

The optional sensor version provides bi-level lighting control with integrated dual motion sensors, consuming only 30% of energy in absence of human traffic to provide further energy savings. There is also the option for emergency lighting with the additional battery pack, ensuring minimum of 3 hours lighting during power failure.



GreenSpace Gen4 is the new LED downlight with high efficacy (95~ 100lm/W) delivering substantial energy saving. It offers diverse configurations within 600~2,000lm.

GreenSpace Gen4 could apply to shopping mall, retail store and office application with different variants . The lifetime is 50,000 hours (L70 @ 25C).

AZ e-lite

4, 6 and 8-inch LED recessed downlights with integrated driver ideal for the complete replacement of the traditional PLC, PLT and Halogen downlights. With its revolutionary heat dissipation technology, the AZSENCE series have achieved excellent performance and are ideal for retrofitting existing retail, commercial and residential installations.


People appreciate indoor spaces that are easy on the eye and at the same time refreshing to the mind. This is especially relevant for spaces where you want to ensure a relaxing yet energizing atmosphere, e.g. in working environments, retail and healthcare.

SmartPanel panel is a LED-based luminaire with an innovative, slim shape that delivers a uniform surface of light – a truly attractive proposition. Suitable for recessed (lay-in only) and suspended mounting, the range offers a choice of sizes, color temperatures and DALI dimming.

In addition, it comes with all the benefits of LED technology: it is, for example, longlasting and energy-efficient. In short, SmartPanel panel represents an excellent deal for those looking for pleasant and efficient lighting.