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Enhance Worksite Solutions

Common Challenges Faced in Refineries / Facilities

Most of the refineries or facilities are running at their optimum capacity for maximum productivity. Facilities or maintenance managers play a vital role in ensuring that the facility is always functionally operational and safe. Some of these environments have a zero tolerance to sudden failures which results in down time of optimal operations of their facilities or plants.

Lim Kim Hai Electric has been serving the industrial sector for more than six decades. Based on our experience in supporting customers, there are always common challenges faced by facilities or maintenance managers. Some of these challenges are; work site surface corrosion, wear and tear maintenance, workplace and personnel safety, lighting, extreme temperatures, critical electrical failure, etc.

In order to serve our industrial customer better, our specialists have customised in-house F.I.R.M and C.M.S solutions that are able to resolve these challenges effectively.



Workplace and Personnel Safety


Electrical Connectivity Failure


Wear and Tear Maintenance


Extreme Temperatures Management / Warning



F. I. R. M

Facilities Improvement, Repair & Maintenance

Customised solution F. I. R. M stands for Facilities Improvement, Repairs and Maintenance Services.

Even with regular maintenance, worksites often fall prey to a host of problems that may hinder work performance. Our F. I. R. M solutions cover from rooftop to foundation, from exterior to interior of the worksite. We offer the surest way to spot and solve any issue, putting you on the path to better safety and productivity.

With over 60 years of experience, we have confidence to resolve your pain points with the most effective solution at the most competitive budget. Work with us and save yourself time and money. Don’t leave anything to chance – contact Lim Kim Hai Electric (LKHE).

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Safety Sign and Visual Warning
Electrical Connectivity Failure
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Weatherproof & Explosion Proof Junction Boxes / Panels
  • Customizable Panels
  • Repair & Replacement of Panel Components
  • Insulation Resin for Dust-proofing
Wear and Tear
  • Instant Restoration of Cracked Flooring and Walls
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Marking
Extreme Temperature Management / Warning
  • Heat Detection
  • Moisture Detection
  • Thermal Insulation Protection
  • Replacement
  • Refurbishing
  • Repairs
  • Re-lamping
  • Energy Saving
  • Insufficient brightness (lux) levels
C. M. S

Corrosion Management Solution

With its natural elements, Jurong Island Singapore is surrounded by the sea with 24/7 high humidity conditions. Metals corrode easily when exposed to moisture and salt. Corrosion issues have been a huge problem happening in most worksites. When this occurs, it can degrade and diminish the strength of the structures.

While improving the design can reduce corrosion impacts, so do better maintenance practices. Introducing our one-stop solution to minimise your corrosion worries.

oil tank with corrosion problem Oil tank coated with Liquid Epoxy Coating

How We Can Help To Take Your Facilities To New Heights

Worksite Surface Corrosion Issues

The economic impact of surface corrosion can be extremely costly if one does not have planned maintenance. It can have a huge damage impact to the building architecture, cause a system to shut down and impair the quality of the environment. Introducing our solutions, Liquid Epoxy Coating and VentureClad Jacketing, that helps to reduce maintenance and improve uptime.

  • Liquid Epoxy Coating, used as a patch material, girth-weld coating, and pipeline rehabilitation coating. This two-part system features improved adhesion, flexibility and impact resistance to help prevent corrosion on steel pipes and other metal surfaces.
  • VentureClad Jacketing is a zero permeability, self-adhesive tape which bonds 100% to the surface of the insulation providing a neat and dependable weather barrier which reduces corrosion under insulation.

Surface preparation is necessary to achieve optimum result and prolong the effectiveness of corrosion management solutions. Our team recommends 3M safe-to use Plastic Abrasives. It is safer compared to metal cup brush and non-hazardous with less spark. 3M abrasives products ideal for removal of rust, paint and other coatings.

Surface Preparation
  • Plastic Abrasives
Corrosion Protection
  • Liquid Epoxy Coating
  • VentureClad Jacketing

Workplace and Personnel Safety

No matter how trivial, this topic should be in every organisation’s centre of attention. Good safety will eventually align to good business returns where it can raise employee’s morale and productivity which in turn reduce any turnover or unnecessary grievance cost.

Nowhere is as safe as a workplace that emphasizes putting critical information easily viewed at the point of use. Such a workplace encompasses an environment that is self-ordering, self-explanatory, self-regulating and self-improving. Paired with a complete suite of personal protection equipment (PPE), employees are well protected and are able to place more focus on their work rather than worrying about hazards in the working environment.

A faded safety sign incurs risk of an accident happening. A worn out PPE set has lost its effectiveness in protecting the workers. It is never worthwhile to risk lives over a lapse in safety. Lim Kim Hai Electric is ready to help you meet all facility identification requirements with visual signs that maximize workplace efficiency, convenience and safety with minimum intervention. We have a complete range of PPE that are ready to serve your needs.

  • Head & Face Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Respirator Protection
  • Hand & Foot Protection
  • Fall Protection
  • Chemical GHS Label Printing
  • Wire and Cable Markers
  • Customised Safety Signs & Labels
  • Customised Pipe & Valve Identification
  • Exit Signage

Electrical Connectivity Failure

Junction box electrical failure is a common occurrence in the industry. Various electrical components are installed in enclosures and located outdoors exposed to sun and rain which over time may degrade and the seal of the box may be compromised. This increases the risk of rainwater leaking into the enclosures, causing a short circuit and eventual failure in electrical conduction. It would also possibly lead to a major fire incident.

These issues can be prevented by having a routine or preventive maintenance schedule in place. The need for sturdy and durable enclosures should also never be overlooked, because they are the best protection for your electrical circuits and systems.

At Lim Kim Hai Electric, we offer you the finest available, including customisable panels meeting your requirements, plus weather-proof and explosion-proof junction boxes/ panels certified to ATEX, IECEx or UL standards. We also undertake repair and replacement of panel components as well as potting with insulating resin for dust-proofing.

Based on the environmental requirements, choosing a suitable product for the right application is top priority for workplace safety.

Do you have the following concerns?

  • Crack and brittle due to prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Water condensation 
  • Corrosion
  • Hazardous environments
  • Heat dissipation
  • Arc flash

We have a wide range of products and solutions that will address these concerns.

Outdoor Enclosures
  • Weatherproof & Explosion Proof Junction Boxes / Panels
  • Customizable Panels
  • Repair & Replacement of Panel Components
  • Insulation Resin for Dust-proofing

Wear and Tear Maintenance

While diligent in-house maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your facilities, some degree of wear-and-tear is still inevitable over long periods of use. For example, cracks often appear on concrete floors and walls due to the movement of heavy vehicles or vibration caused by machinery. Floor paintings are faded frequently due to the heavy usage of forklifts and pallet jacks. Whether routine inspections or maintenance schedules, it is important that you protect your equipment and facilities to keep them functioning as long as you can.

Lim Kim Hai Electric provides an effective and quick restoration maintenance at low cost while keeping the environment as good as new. Our quick-fix solutions could fill up the cracks and holes as fast as within minutes without any major renovation works.

With our dedication to innovation, even your flooring can be much better than before. Introducing industrial heavy duty floor tapes, which do away with paint, the resulting fumes and messy clean-ups in case of spillage or chemical disposal. They are also fast to install, thus reducing labour costs, while also eliminating the need to cordon off areas for paint to dry. Maintenance and replacement is easy, as is reconfiguration when your workspace layout changes.

Interior / Exterior

Extreme Temperature Management / Warning

Equipment delivers optimal efficiency within the operating temperature range specified by manufacturers. Overheating could cause equipment damage or failure. Temperature monitoring is critical to prevent overheating sparks especially in hazardous areas. A small little spark could trigger a fire accident and cause loss of lives and cost businesses millions of dollars.

Worksite thermal insulation would also play a major part in the operations of industrial working environments. With thousands of machines and equipment constantly running, insulation helps to reduce the use of energy for cooling and occupants experience less thermal variability. This is an important economic and environmental investment for worksites.

At Lim Kim Hai Electric, we offer RFID sensors for heat detection where constantly send data signal automatically to panel box for central monitoring and easy maintenance. We also offer effective thermal insulation solution – ERSTOTHERM. When applied to the interior of a building, ERSTOTHERM® is able to reduce the amount of heat energy conducted through the walls. Cooler ambient temperatures does not only mean comfort for the workers. By reducing the thermal bridge, ERSTOTHERM® effectively lessens the load on the air-conditioning system, which directly translates to energy savings and a reduction in the building’s carbon footprint. ERSTOTHERM® could also effectively prevent mould & algae growth for outdoor application. 

Equipment Protection
  • Heat Detection
  • Moisture Detection
Building Protection
  • Thermal Insulation Protection


Having good lighting is important as it can minimise or eliminate the risks of accidents. Thus, placement position and task lightning is vital in the area to enhance worker’s visual and attention to their immediate task.

Maintenance managers always deal with burned-out light bulbs that could affect a worker’s vision which may lead to mistakes or even accidents. The frequent spot lighting replacement is unproductive and is disruptive to operations. It affects work progress and could increase the overall maintenance cost. A routine lighting maintenance schedule could reduce downtime and ensure smoother operations.

Our expertise in this area enables us to provide a comprehensive range of lighting-related services. This stretches from replacing, refurbishing, repairing and re-lamping to turnkey projects, design and installation of intelligent lighting control, as well as short and long term contract lighting services. Our comprehensive range of lighting products also cover all types of energy savings LED and explosion proof lighting for hazardous area usage.

Lighting Services
  • Replacement
  • Refurbishing
  • Repairs
  • Re-lamping
  • Design and Installation of Intelligent Lighting Control
  • Long Term Contract Lighting Services
  • Indoor energy savings LED
  • Outdoor explosion proof lighting
  • Solar Street Light
  • UV-C Lighting
  • Read More >>>

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