Heavy Duty Connectors


We offer RockStar®, a wide range of heavy duty connectors which you can use to solve your individual connecting jobs technically.

Our range includes:

  • Standard connectors with up to 216 poles and a current-carrying capacity of up to 100A.
  • A modular plug-in connection system, which allows you to select the placement of pins and jacks yourself.
  • Complete kits with the most popular heavy duty connectors, which contain pin and jack inserts, connector casings and jack casings packed ready for use.

PK Industrial Plug & Socket


This wide range of plugs and sockets, which are solid, well-sealed and also resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents, is the result of Schneider’s experience and knowhow.

Comply to IEC 309-1 and IEC 309-2

  • Very high performance products
  • Easy Installation
  • A complete range

PK Sockets With Interlock Switch


Interlocked sockets can be employed in various different sectors for
safety measurement.

The offer is 16A and 32A and comply to IEC 309-1 and IEC 309-2

Watertight Enclosure For PK Sockets


The most complete range of solutions for protection, control and distribution panels for tertiary and industrial applications.

The new range of Kasdra system watertight enclosures provides solutions to all equipment installation problems.