3M ScotchCode Wire Marker Tape in Dispenser

Under the SS CP5 Amendment I for NEW Colour Cable to use additional or replacement to the existing cabling. You may face problem to keep different types of identification labels for various sizes of cables.
We have a fast and cost-effective solution for you that:

  • One type of marker for all sizes of cable.
  • ScotchCode ™STD Tape Dispenser is a compact, carry-along dispenser with an end-loop that easily hooks the dispenser to a tool pouch or belt.

3M Electrical Tapes

Tired of cleaning up sticky residue left on the surface? Can’t find an insulating tape that can endure high temperature environment? Require mechanical and chemical protection? Yearn for something that can last longer an improve safety?

You are in a demanding industry. To be successful, you need a wide range of reliable products designed to help you manage your daily processes effectively.

Quite simply, you need 3M’s comprehensive line of products to address your diverse applications. With over 30 electrical insulating, sealing and specialty tapes, from Scotch Super 33 vinyl tape to Scotch 130C linerless rubber splicing tape to Scotch 2200 mastic tape, 3M provides exceptional quality and reliability that you seek.