Versatile Wiping Solution



Wiping solution for facility’s production, equipment maintenance and house keeping.

Wide range of

  • General/High Volume/Economical Wipers
  • High-capacity Absorbency Wipers
  • Ideal Rag Replacement Wipers
  • Color-coded Wipers

Advantage of using Disposable wipers

  • Free from contaminants
  • Uniform quality, size and material
  • Specially & technically engineered for the task
  • Dispensing is easy & controlled
  • Packed in carton boxes, easier storage

Product Performance
WYPALL* Wipers deliver superior product performance.

Cost Performance
WYPALL* Wipers can deliver real cost savings.

Safety Performance
WYPALL* Wipers can help you improve your safety performance by providing safe and hygienic wiping system.


  • Superior durability for better cost in use and work efficiency
  • Rapid absorption rate for efficient cleaning
  • Low lint in providing a streak-free surface

Typical wiping tasks:

  • Healthcare
  • Food Service
  • Operation Process
  • Aviation
  • Marine/Offshore
  • General Manufacturing
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • And MORE!


KIMTECH PREP WETTASK Refillable wiping system is the ideal alternative to using spray bottle or open bucket in combination with a rag. Simply fill the WETTASK with desired solvents, and ready for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with ease.

Features and benefits:

  • Enclosed system helps to reduce cross-contamination and exposure to chemical vapour or splashes

Typical Use:

    • Surface cleaning and sanitizing
    • Cleaning and removing soil, oil, grease and others
    • Solvent application
    • Healthcare disinfection
    • Food service cleaning

KIMTECH SCIENCE – Special wipers engineered for delicate and precision wiping

  • Low lint and low extractable
  • Gentle texture will not scratch delicate surfaces when used wet
  • Absorbent, easily wipes liquid and dust
  • LINTGUARD Anti-stat Polyshield helps further reduce link and static build-upers
  • Ideal Rag Replacement Wipers

KIMTECH PREP – Surface cleaning, disinfection and preparation

  • Surface preparation wipers from cleaning, sanitizing to polishing

Hand Cleanser Solution


KIMCARE INDUSTRIE hand cleansers are the right products for your workplace, to remove grease, grime, to everyday dirt.

  • Natural solvent-based cleansers
  • Contains no petroleum solvent or mineral abrasive which could harm your skin
  • Subtle citrus fragrance with no solvent smell
  • Wall-mounted dispenser’s controlled dispensing system eliminates cross-contamination and reduces cost.