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Energy Monitoring Solution | Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Energy Hub

Cloud-based building energy management software

EcoStruxure Energy Hub is a cloud-based energy management software-as-a-service that is easy to implement and requires minimal up-front investment. Whether you need to monitor a single building or a portfolio of buildings, it enables you to instantly access your data from anywhere.

Designed for commercial, industrial, and intuitional buildings, it simplifies energy management across the operational lifecycle.  Achieve your energy and sustainability results, while maximizing the efficiency and resilience of your energy infrastructure.

As a purpose-built building energy management system designed to simplify and drive energy performance in buildings, Ecostruxure Energy Hub is a simple energy management solution for all stakeholders — without compromise.  Get started in hours, not days, and have peace-of-mind that your data is secure all along your building’s operational lifecycle.

Benefits of Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Energy Hub

Develop more sustainable energy management and industrial automation applications powered by EcoStruxure.

Creating Value for All Segments

Energy efficiency has become essential to running cost-efficient operations in a sustainable way. Schneider Electric Ecostruxure is the digital solution to monitor and optimize your energy consumption and CO2 footprint, giving the chance to make faster and better decisions based on data insights.

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