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Smart Building Monitoring & Utility Management

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Smart Building Monitoring

Our Energy Monitoring & Management Solutions

Energy Monitoring Solution

Smart Building Monitoring

Tracking and recording energy consumption data energy consumption by area / floor level, etc.
Provides real time and historical insights into energy consumption, allowing users to monitor trends, identify inefficiencies and identify opportunities for improvement

Smart Utility Management

Understanding energy, gas, and water usage metrics of your building
Enable further usage breakdown by tenants’ consumption and facilitate tenant billing process

ABB Ability Energy & Asset Manager


ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager is an ISO50001 and LEEDS certified local and cloud based solution that integrates energy and asset management in a single intuitive dashboard.

Schneider Electric


EcoStruxure(™) Energy Hub is a cloud based energy management software that  automatically collects, stores, visualizes and reports data from your building’s performance.

LoRa Monitoring Solution by Sindcon


IoT – LoRa is both a local and cloud based solution that enables versatile, long range, low power communication for various IOT applications like utilities monitoring with LoRa energy meters, water meters and gas meters.

EnerTag Smart Utility Management


EnerTag is a smart utility management solution tailored for landlords, facility managers, and building owners to streamline oversight of tenant consumption to ease the billing process.

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