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Sustainable 3D Printed Lighting

Remarkable Lighting, Sustainably Made

3D Printed Lighting

Lighting the Circular Way

In the evolving landscape of sustainable design, 3D Printed Lighting stands out as a shining example of true innovation and environmental responsibility. Using a 100% recyclable polycarbonate material and up to 55% recycled materials, luminaires are designed to be recycled at the end of their lifecycle, fully supporting a circular economy.

Up to
Lower CO2 Impact

Sustainable Features of 3D Printed Lighting

Using recycled and bio-circular materials
3D printed parts are composed of at least 55% recycled or bio-circular plastics. This includes the use of recycled and waste materials, including 100% recycled fish nets.
Printing Local & On Demand
Stock is produced on-demand, with short lead times due to printing facilities strategically positioned around the world.
Designed for Circularity
All 3D parts are made from a recyclable material, allowing for upgrades without waste production.
Light Weight Reduces Carbon Footprint
Luminaires are lighter than their non-3D Printed counterparts, resulting in a lower carbon footprint associated with shipping & transportation.
Fast Delivery & Easy Installation
Several local printing facilities are located around the world, allowing for quick transport and quick installation due to luminaires that have been customised to fit exact specifications.

Functional 3D Printed Lighting Products

Philips 3D Printed Essential Light

The remarkable and truly circular lighting solution, that can be recessed, suspended or hung.

Philips 3D Printed GreenSpace Downlight

Avoid time consuming & costly adaptator rings and get the downlight that always fits!

Philips 3D Printed Drum Light

Illuminate your open ceiling with a versatile and efficient downlight.

Philips 3D Printed Accent Track Light

Experience visual comfort with perfect accent lighting.

Philips 3D Printed Accent Cylinder

Highly efficient and versatile archetype cylinder light.

Philips 3D Printed Accent Cylinder

Highly efficient and versatile archetype cylinder light.

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