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ABB 11kW EV Charger Promotion

11kW EV Charger Promotion banner

Looking for cost-effective electric vehicle (EV) charger?

We are currently running a special promotion for ABB 11kW EV charger with complimentary installation,

2 years of product warranty and 1 year maintenance service.

The promotion is only valid while stocks last.

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ABB is the global leader in EV charging, with over 140 years of expertise in developing and maintaining charging infrastructure.

Trusted by countless customers worldwide, its products inspire confidence and assurance in quality.

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ABB 11kW EV Charger

abb charger

The Terra AC 11kW EV charger is the best value residential charger designed for optimal charging today, providing convenient home charging that integrates seamlessly into everyday life.

  • Best value home charger on the market
  • Space saving design and seamless installation
  • LAN / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / *4G (Selected Model)
  • Control and monitor charging status via user-friendly App
  • Smart functionality provides optimal charging
  • Built-in Electrical Safety Protection
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Commercial Building

commercial building EV Charger

Landed House

LKHE - Landed house ABB charger

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EV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the difference between 7.4kW, 11kW, and 22kW chargers?

  • 7.4kW charger requires a 32A Single Phase power supply. Charger provides a slower charging rate suitable for overnight charging or for shorter commutes. 
  • 11kW charger requires a 16A Three Phase power supply. Charger offers a moderate charging speed, ideal for daily use or longer trips, providing a quicker recharge compared to 7.4kW chargers.
  •  22kW charger requires a 32A Three Phase power supply. It delivers a faster charging rate (subject to OBC, see below), suitable for high-traffic areas or locations where rapid charging is required and good for future proofing. 

How do I determine which AC charger suits me best?

Choosing the appropriate charger depends on factors such as available power supply, your daily usage, and vehicle On Board Converter (OBC). 

Contact our experts to receive recommendations for selecting an EV charger that is compatible with your electric vehicle(s) and meets your charging needs. 

How long does the 11kW EV Charger take to get a full charge?

Depending on vehicle On Board Converter (OBC) and Battery Size

Example: 11kW AC Charger 

Vehicle: Tesla Model 3 

Vehicle OBC: 11kW 

Vehicle Battery Size: 75kWH 

Full charge from 10% – 80% 

~60kWh / 11kW = ~5.5 hrs

Does your charger supply and installation comply with all regulations?

Our EV charger has obtained the Letter of No Objection (LNO) and type approval from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and affirming its reliability. 

LKH is part of ABB Channel Partner for Home and Work Segment, and our team has been trained and certified to be an Equipment Specialist for ABB Terra AC and DC wallbox series of chargers.

What is the lifetime range of the charger?

AC chargers are designed to last for 5- 7 years.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, we provide a standard 2-years product warranty and a 1-year installation warranty.

How can I view the charging status?

We do provide ChargerSync App (for ABB charger only) allows you to authorize, start/stop charging sessions, and view full statistics of energy consumption.

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