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EnerTag Smart Utility Management Solution

EnerTag Smart Utility Management

Enhance your ability to efficiently oversee tenant consumption with a EnerTag, a smart utility management solution designed for landlords, facility managers, and building owners. Simplify meter reading procedures by utilising smart meters for water, gas, and energy.  Monitor your meters in real-time from a remote dashboard on the EnerTag Software, and efficiently manage your tenant’s energy consumption and set benchmarks for tenants.

The fully integrated hardware and software ecosystem enable owners to have the energy consumption overviews of all the tenants, with total accuracy from smart meters.   The easy-to-use software also allows the owner to effortlessly issue utility reports & billing to tenants in one centralised location.

How Does EnerTag Work?

For utility managers with multiple tenants, our Smart Utility Management Solution is able to provide total consumption reports through the software application. This simplify your interactions with tenants, and ensure the most accurate meter readings, thus tenants can pay according to their actual energy consumption.

Enertag Process Flow

Key Benefits of EnerTag Utility Management

Increase Operational Efficiency

Reduce manual process to key in data for facility consumption

Eliminate Cost Discrepancy

Prevent underbilling with accurate data from smart meters

Effortlessly Generate Reports

Collect real time data from meters and instantly generate reports

Centralised Tenant Software

Manage move-in & move-out dates that reflect real-time billing

Advance Sustainability Goals

Gain insights to coordinate sustainability efforts collectively with tenants

EnerTag Smart Utility Management Hardwares and Software

For total utility management and oversight in a facility, we offer energy, gas, and water meters.  By using Long Range (LoRa) Smart Meters from our trusted partner, Sindcon, the range of meters distribution can be across a wider radius than wifi or bluetooth.

How Can We Help?

You can choose to purchase or lease from us.

1. Purchase

To own Smart Utility Management Solution for your building.

2. Lease

To experience the Smart Utility Management Solution for 1 to 2 years.

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