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Workplace Safety Solutions

Building a Safer Tomorrow

Workplace Safety Solutions



Workplace solution is the process of protecting employees from work-related illness and injury. A safe working environment increases productivity. We provide complete safety solutions covering both the exteriors and interiors of a workplace. Enhance safety in hazardous surroundings with early detection of blind spots that are invisible to the naked eye.

Automated Lightning Risk Alert System

Automated Lightning Risk Alert System ( ALRAS )

Lightning Warning System is a mandatory system require by many countries for open space facilities, buildings, rooftop, construction sites, schools compounds, sport stadiums, swimming pools etc. It provides a pre-warnings messages or alerts which protect people and life. Explore our lightning warning system that provides you the accurate pre-warn message.

  • Swift alerts via mobile, sirens, and strobe lights.
  • Decreased manpower and maintenance costs.
  • Minimizes errors and delays
  • Offers precise lightning risk detection.
  • Installed in 500+ locations locally and internationally
  • Meets Building and Construction Authority of Singapore requirements and SS555:2018 standards
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Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Solutions

Each year, numerous workers are killed or injured during industrial equipment maintenance, caused by uncontrolled energy release. Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a safety procedure that involves deactivating machinery energy sources during maintenance, shielding workers from live machinery hazards. LOTO prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries annually.

  • LOTO enhances safety during maintenance by controlling energy hazards, preventing accidental start-up or release
  • Promoting safety compliance and risk reduction.
  • Clearly communicate workplace risks
  • Durable, substantial, standardized, identifiable and exclusively for safety.
  • Range of product including Lockout Boxes, Devices, Hasps, Kits & Stations, and Padlocks & Accessories for effective energy isolation and safety.
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Lockout TagOut (LOTO) Solutions

Absorbent & Spill Containment

Ensure environmental protection and maintain a safe, productive workplace with our comprehensive spill control program. Our absorbent and spill control products enable quick and effective responses to spills, safeguarding both the environment and your employees.

  • We offer Absorbents and Spill Control Products that comply with EPA and OSHA regulations, ensuring workplace safety and productivity.
  • Our absorbents include types like universal, oil-only, and hazardous chemical fluid absorbents.
  • Our product range includes pads, rolls, SOCs, pillows, mats, rugs, spill kits, and specialty absorbents to meet diverse spill control needs.
  • Key features such as coverstock, absorbency weight, perforations, and dimpled surfaces help select the right absorbents for specific applications.
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Absorbents & Spill Control Products
Gas Detection System

Gas Detection System

Experience peace of mind with our gas detection solutions, powered by our partnership with Crowcon Detection, a renowned authority in gas detection technology. With a commitment to reliability, we tailor our offerings to meet both present needs and future market demands.

  • The fixed gas detectors are essential across industries, measuring flammable, toxic, and oxygen gases.
  • Offering flexible gas detection solutions, seamlessly interfacing with alarms and equipment.
  • Trusted in sectors including oil and gas, water treatment, and manufacturing,
  • Crowcon’s gas detection systems provide versatile safety solutions.
  • We offer flexible range of products to measure flammable, toxic and oxygen gases.
  • Safeguard against diverse industrial gas hazards with our range of single and multi-gas monitors.
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Mission Critical Communication

  • MOBILE offers explosion-proof mobile communication devices, ensuring safe information exchange in critical conditions.
  • The EVOLVE LTE Handheld by Motorola Solutions is designed for enterprise and public safety, providing reliable LTE connectivity in rugged environments.
  • MOTOTRBO Ion Rugged Smart Radio by Motorola Solutions, the first business-ready communication device with voice and broadband data capabilities, certified for use in Hazardous Areas.
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Mission Critical Communication

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