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Brady Absorbents and Spill Control Products in Singapore

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Brady SPC

Innovative Absorbent & Spill Control Products in Singapore

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When a spill occurs, having a proper spill control program that enables a quick and effective response can not only help to protect the environment, but also supports a safe and productive workplace for your employees.

Brady SPC supplies products that help you comply with EPA and OSHA regulations. Why does that matter? Because the cost of non-compliance can have devastating effects on a business’s reputation and financial performance.

Spill control products

Where Do Spills Occur?

Not bound by the SPCC regulations? Having absorbents and spill kits on hand is still essential. The following facility diagram shows where spills most commonly occur. Take a look at these areas and keep them in mind when developing a spill control plan to keep your facility safe and compliant.

where spill occurs in facilities
Exterior bulk storage
1- Exterior bulk storage

Oil-only products are ideal for outdoor leaks and spills because they absorb oil while repelling water.

Interior fluid storage
2- Interior fluid storage

Consider specialty items like drum top covers and spill pallets to manage all types of leaks.

Machinery and equipment
3- Machinery and equipment

SOCs surround machinery to prevent leaks while pillows are placed underneath.

Shipping and receiving
4- Shipping and receiving

Keep spill kits near entrances to prevent spills from reaching the environment.

Production, assembly and maintenance
5- Production, assembly and maintenance

Make sure there are plenty of pads and rolls on hand. These general purpose items come in a variety of sizes to support your facility needs.

How to Choose the Right Absorbents?

Step 1: Know What You're Absorbing

Water- or Oil-based Fluids

SPC recommends: Universal Absorbents

Use around machinery, under leaky pipes, in messy traffic areas or for general maintenance projects. Re-Formuniversal absorbents

are made of recycled materials and offer an environmentally friendly solution.

Universal Absorbents

Oil-based Fluids
Outdoors/ Water Repelling

SPC recommends: Oil-only Absorbents

Specialized for oil and other petroleum-based spills including paints and non-water soluble chemicals, these absorbents do not absorb water and float indefinitely. Re-Formoil-only absorbents are made of recycled materials and offer an environmentally friendly solution.

Oil-Only Absorbents

Hazardous Chemical Fluids

SPC recommends: Oil-only Absorbents

Surfactant-treated polypropylene absorbents can be used on a wide range of chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid. They are chemically inert, so they will not react with aggressive fluids.

Keep in mind that absorbents take on the properties of whatever they absorb, so the bright color provides a visual indication to separate waste streams.

Chemical Absorbents

Step 2: Identify Your Application

General purpose

General Purpose
Wiping, Drips and Leaks

SPC recommends: Pads, Rolls, SOCs and Pillows

Pre-cut pads and perforated rolls provide easy access to absorbents for general purpose use around your facility. Use specialized SOCs and pillows around or underneath dripping equipment.

Heavy foot and forklift traffic

Heavy Foot and Forklift Traffic

SPC recommends: Mats and Rugs

Mats and rugs offer greater durability to withstand harsh conditions. Barrier-backed options prevent liquid from penetrating the absorbent and reaching the floor underneath while printed mats warn of possible slip, trip and fall hazards.

Emergency spill response

Emergency Spill Response

SPC recommends: Spill Kits, Pallets and Drain Plugs

Spill kits bundle all of the necessary products to clean up an unexpected spill. Other spill containment options include spill pallets, drain plugs and storage centers.

Specialty absorbents

Specialty Absorbents

SPC recommends: Marine or Granular

Marine environments require boom, sweep and drag nets to remove fluids in, or near, bodies of water. Granular absorbents are available when loose absorbents are preferred or when acid/base neutralization is required prior to spill clean up.

Step 3: Select Absorbent Features


Durability of an absorbent increases with the addition of a coverstock layer.

  • For simple drips or leaks, a 1-ply absorbent is all you need
  • For wiping scenarios or foot traffic areas, a 3-ply absorbent will offer the necessary durability
  • For abrasive applications, a pad with spunbond coverstock helps to reduce linting or tearing

Absorbency Weight

The absorbency weight can make a significant difference in how much product is required.

  • For small spills, choose a light- or medium-weight product to avoid waste
  • For large spills or continuous leaks, choose a heavy-weight product to reduce material use
Absorbency weight


Perforations provide a variety of size options by allowing you to quickly tear off exactly what is needed to contain the spill.


Dimpled Surface

Dimpling increases product strength for areas requiring greater durability. Smooth absorbents have greater surface area and are more absorbent per square inch compared to similarly constructed, dimpled products.

Dimpled surface

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