3M respirator promotion

When it comes to choosing the right respiratory protection for their workforce, 3M is the preferred choice for companies that take safety and protection of their employees seriously. Switch to 3M to experience superior protection and safety with the Upgrade Your Gear offer.

How Does Upgrade Your Gear Work?

Exchange your existing respirators for new 3M respirators for FREE, when you buy cartridges and filters that go with them. Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1 to redeem 3m respirator for free
Step 2 to redeem 3m respirator for free
Step 3 to redeem 3m respirator for free
Step 4 to redeem 3m respirator for free

Other terms and conditions apply, contact us for more information.

Why Upgrade Your Gear?

  • Make great savings. Get facepiece free when you buy cartridges or filters on offer.
  • Get durable, comfortable and internationally and locally compliant 3M protective gear that keeps your workforce safe
  • 500+ channel partners to help you avail value added services and after sales support
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