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Fuji Frenic-Hvac Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

By April 25, 2024May 6th, 2024No Comments
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FRENIC-HVAC enables significant energy savings based on the external air temperature, resulting in an annual power reduction of approximately 70% compared to using a commercial power supply.

Discover Fuji FRENIC-HVAC Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

The FRENIC-HVAC series, Fuji Electric latest innovation in low-voltage inverters designed specifically for HVAC applications. These slim-type inverters are engineered to optimize the performance of fans and pumps, offering unparalleled energy savings and cost reduction. By precisely controlling water flow rates, pressure, and temperature, the FRENIC-HVAC series not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption in HVAC systems. With a focus on delivering higher functionality and performance, these inverters meet the demanding market requirements for energy-efficient solutions. Upgrade your HVAC operations with the FRENIC-HVAC series and experience the difference that optimized energy management can make.

Features and Specifications

Wide Ranging Application

Cooling Tower Fan

tower fan

Cooling Water Pump

cooling water pump

Chilled Water Pump

chilled water pump

Supply Fan / Return Fan

supply fan and return fan

Wide Variation in Model Capacity

Model can be selected from two model types

  • EMC filter built-in + DCR built-in type : 0.75 to 90kW (Protective structure IP21 or IP55 can be selected)
  • EMC filter built-in type : 110 to 710kW (Protective structure IP00)
Inverter Capacity EMC Filter DC Reactor Protective Structure
0.75kW to 90kW Built-in Built-in IP21/IP55
110kW to 710kW Built-in External IP00

Optimal Control with Energy-Saving Function

Three Energy-Saving Operation Function

Wet-bulb Temperature control
Temperature Difference constant control
Linearization function

Slim Body

The first slim body design among the Fuji Electric inverters.

Stand Alone

The inverter can be installed independently; no control panel is required

Function suitable for HVAC use

  • 4PID control
  • Pick up operation
  • Torque vector control
  • Filter clogging prevention function
  • User friendly, useful keypad
  • Fire Mode (forced operation)
  • Real Time Clock
  • Customised Logic
  • Password Function


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