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Smart Lighting Controller and Energy Meter

By June 4, 2024June 5th, 2024No Comments
Smart Lighting Controller

One-Stop Smart Lighting Control & Energy Metering Module

The Sindcon Smart Lighting Controller goes beyond traditional lighting control by integrating a built-in energy metering functionality, allowing for class 1 meter accuracy to track power consumption for each light. With the brightness control feature, it not only enhances safety and visibility but also drives substantial energy savings. The capacity for remote monitoring of both energy consumption and brightness levels offers with unparalleled convenience and control.

Weatherproof module can withstand heat from sun, water from rain, and any harsh outdoor exposure.
Low-Power module ensures that the smart lighting controller module has a long lifespan.
Automatic Switch ensures that the module is reliable and on, with data sent to cloud every 10 min.

Cable-free Installation ensures efficient setup and plug & play solution. Save costs on installing and reduce contractor costs.

One Smart Module, Many Functions

1 numberThe innovative Smart Lighting Controller from Sindcon, represents a significant advancement in smart city infrastructure.  Featuring LoRaWAN communication capabilities and powered by STMicroelectronics’ advanced LoRa technology, it boasts a maximum transmit power of 22dBm and an impressive receive sensitivity of -134dBm, ensuring robust and reliable communication.
2 numberBeyond traditional brightness control, the Smart Lighting Controller integrates built-in energy metering functionality, providing precise tracking of power consumption for each lamp or group of lamps. The module will ensure seamless integration with the Sindcon LoRaWAN gateway, ensuring real-time display visualisation on any PC or mobile app platform.

LoRa Radio Parameters

Communication Protocol LoRaWAN
LoRa MAC Version 1.0.3
Device Type Class A
Network Registration Way OTAA, ABP
LoRaWAN Uplink Confirmation Confirm or Partially Confirm
MCU Arm® 32 -bit Cortext®-M4
Memory 256KB Flash; 64KB RAM
ISM Bands AS923, AU915, EU868
TX Power Up to 22dBm
Uplink Channels 8 settable channels with bandwidth of 125kHz
RX Sensitivity Down to -125dBm*BW = 125 kHz, Sf = 7
Spreading Factor SF7 ~ SF10 (adaptive)
LBT (Listen before Talk) Yes
Report Interal Configurable via Downlink Commands
Data Cach when LoRa Network Interrupts Yes
Data Logger in Local Device Optional
Communication Distance 3km to 10km (Eyesight distance in open space)
Near Field Communication Way Infrared Tools (with Sindcon Mobile APP)
Built-In Valve/Relay Valve

Electrical Parameters

Power Supply 36.V (ER26500 8500mAh)
Standby Current < 40uA
Active Current < 55mA
TX Current < 126mA@22dBm
Battery Life Up to 10 years
Battery Usage Monitoring Accurate Coulomb Measurement
Battery Undervoltage Warning Yes
MCU Temperature Monitoring Yes
 CPU Working Temperature -20°C ~ +85°C
Storage Temperature =10°C ~ +60°C

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