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Electric Vehicle Chargers Installation and Maintenance Services

Electric Vehicles Charger Installation & Maintenance

We provide EV charger installation services in partnership with our established associates, backed by Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW) endorsement, ensure that the charging infrastructure complies with Singapore’s rules and regulations, meeting the safety and performance standards outlined in Technical Reference 25 (TR25).

We also offer comprehensive after-sales maintenance services to optimize the uptime and overall performance of your EVC system, ensuring its continued smooth operation.


Installation Process

Step 1: Evaluate Electrical Capacity

  • Complimentary no obligation site survey and determine if your electrical capacity can support the installation of an EV charger.

Step 2: Identify the best location for Installation

  •  We offer both AC and DC chargers and provide recommendations for selecting an EV charger that is compatible with your electric vehicle(s) and meets your charging needs.

Step 3: Install the charger

  • Our professional engineering team guarantees on-time and on-budget completion of your home charger installation.
  • Once installed, you’re ready to go!
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Maintenance Service

1. On-Demand Maintenance

  • Request maintenance or repairs as needed, paying only for the specific services rendered.

2. Regular Inspection Service

  • Restricted Access Location: Periodic inspections of the EV charging station, conducted by equipment specialists, are carried out every 24 months.
  • Non-Restricted Access Location (Every 6 Months): Periodic inspections of the EV charging station, conducted by equipment specialists, are performed every 6 months.
  • Non-Restricted Access Location (Yearly): After the charger has been installed for a year, both Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW) and equipment specialists are to conduct yearly periodic inspections for the EV charging station.

Scope of Works

The installation and maintenance costs of an electric vehicle charger (EVC) can vary depending on your electrical system. Here are some aspects of the services that may involve costs:

  •  Professional Installation
  •  Periodic Inspection & Maintenance
  •  Electrical Upgrade & Enhancement (If needed)
  • Energy Management Service
  • Charge Point Management Solution
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