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Panduit Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

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The Importance of Effective Lockout/Tagout

Panduit is developing a groundbreaking new electrical safety technology to help build a safer industrial infrastructure. This is by utilizing a Prevention through Design (PtD) approach. From automating the absence of voltage verification process to “no tool” circuit breaker lockout devices, Panduit safety products provide increased risk reduction from the front gate to the back of the facility without sacrificing productivity.

One of these safety products is the Lockout Tagout (LOTO). It is a process to control energy hazards for prevention of accidental start-up or release of stored energy during set-up, maintenance and servicing of equipment. LOTO prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year.

Accidental start-up of machinery or unintended release of stored energy often presents catastrophic risks, which can cause serious physical injuries or death to workers who are unaware that someone else has started a machine or energized a circuit. Many of the injuries result in some level of permanent disability of the employee.

Craft workers, electricians, machine operators, and laborers are among the three million workers who service equipment routinely and face the greatest risk of injury.

In Summary..


Why do I need LOTO?

  • Protection of employees performing work where hazardous energy may be present.
  • Prevention of accidental start-up of machinery or unintended release of hazardous energy.

When to control such energy?

  • Servicing/Repairing equipment
  • Performing maintenance
  • Installing/Modifying equipment
  • Performing equipment set-up
  • Performing tooling changeovers

What energy sources to lockout?

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Thermal
  • Chemical

Product Categories

Lockout Tagout

Before repairs, servicing, maintenance, or set-up of machines and equipment can begin, use Lockout Tagout products to prevent accidental start-up.

How a Circuit Breaker Lockout System Works

Group Lockout Boxes

These are storage devices that can be used to capture keys for the effective lockout of large equipment.

Each lockout point on the equipment is secured with a single padlock. Workers can place their keys in the group lockout box, then each authorized employee places their own personal padlock on to the lock box. Once the work has been completed, the employees remove their personal padlock from the lock box, therefore freeing the keys inside. Group lockout boxes act to ensure that the keys cannot be accessed until the last lock has been removed.

Lockout Tagout Devices

Designed for locking various types of energy sources during maintenance and cleaning.

They are fitted on i.e. valves, ball valves, connectors and circuit breakers, in combination with a safety padlock to ensure complete blockage for the duration of the machine maintenance.

These lockout devices are also used for mechanical and electrical isolation.

Lockout Tagout Hasps

Hasps or multi-lockouts are used when one energy source needs to be isolated and locked out by using multiple personal safety padlocks.

Only if all padlocks are detached, the lockout hasp can be opened and removed from the energy isolator for restart.

The lockout hasps come in a variety of options, such as steel for mechanical hazards and nylon or plastic (non-conductive) for electrical hazards.

Lockout Tagout Kits & Stations

Lockout kits are pre-assembled sets of LOTO materials for mechanics or technical services. They are supplied in a handy carrying case or toolbox. It is a great solution for mechanics to carry a lockout kit with them so that work can be carried out immediately.

Lockout stations are used to store LOTO equipment securely and in one place. Most of the lockout stations are wall mountable and allow you to secure the board in a fixed position near the energy source so that LOTO equipment is always ready and at hand.

Padlocks & Padlock Accessories

Panduit offers long body non-conductive padlocks and custom keyed padlocks to help reduce the risk of electrical hazards while providing high security.

Padlock Accessories

LOTO accessories for better identification, maintenance and protection of your safety locks.

Padlock Labels

Recognizable danger labels can make a tremendous difference by building safety awareness at your workplace, every day.


Safety padlocks are specially designed for LOTO applications and are used for isolating or controlling energy sources.

The function of the padlock can be identified by using colour coding (and optional engraving).

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