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IEC309HP Socket-Outlets and Plugs by Gewiss

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Gewiss IEC 309 HP socket-outlets and plugs

Gewiss IEC309 High Performance Socket-Outlets and Plugs

A New Heart for the Industrial Connection System
IEC309HP Series

Gewiss IEC 309 HP (HIGH PERFORMANCE) is a complete range of mobile plugs and mobile or flush-mounting socket-outlets from 16A to 125A. Trusted by installers around the world for their high IP rating, strength, quality and great handling.

The new range expands GEWISS’s assortment of 16 A and 32 A mobile plugs, mobile and flush-mounting socket-outlets, with IP44 and IP66/67/68/69 degree of protection, both in the quick and screw wiring versions.The introduction of all time references of the earthing contact completes the range of possible applications, with specific versions for more rigid and complex installations. The range is extremely quick and simple to assemble and wire – a unique feature on the market. The range has also been restyled as a single modern, functional line, for both quick and screw wiring versions.

Besides the new HIGH PERFORMANCE, the range includes 63 and 125 A plugs and socket-outs, with a polarity, voltages and nominal frequencies suitable for all systems up to 500V, in IP44 protected and IP67 watertight versions, multipliers and adapters, very low voltage versions, plus 90°, straight flush-mounting and 10° surface-mounting versions.

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Exclusive Advantages

IEC 309 HP (High Performance) Range
IEC 309 HP - IP66/IP67

Complete Protection

Over and above meeting the IP66/IP67 minimum regulation rating, IEC 309 HP trailing plugs and socket-outlets include two additional ingress protection ratings that are unique to the electrotechnical market: IP68 and IP69.

IEC 309 HP - robustness

Mechanical Robustness

The use of high-performance technopolymers offers optimum impact resistance (IK09), even at low temperatures (down to -25 C).

IEC 309 HP - Green Materials

Green Materials

All the products in this range are made using halogen-free materials (in accordance with standard EN50267-2-2). In addition, the technopolymers guarantee high resistance to UV rays and chemical agents.

IEC 309 HP - Practical, ergonomic shape

Practical, ergonomic shape

All the covers of the mobile socket-outlets are designed to be easily opened; in fact the cover can be held open with just one hand, and the plug is easy to insert into the socket outlet.

Innovative Features of IEC 309 HP Range

16A - 32A Versions

IEC 309 HP, 16A-32A versions

Special Inverter Versions

With the IEC 309 HP INVERTER versions, two phases can be quickly switched over using a screwdriver, to invert the running direction of three-phase motors.

Simplified Connection

As well as traditional screw wiring versions, we also offer a fast (spring) wiring option that cuts wiring times by half while increasing the reliability of the electrical connection between the cables and terminals.

Quick Closure

SAFE-LOCK is a novel closure system that uses a simple quarter-turn coupling and locking mechanism to ensure security while keeping ease of access.

63A - 125A Versions

IEC 309 HP, 63A-125A versions

Special Rubber Grip

With integrated rubber parts for an easier grip, even if wearing gloves, and maximising impact resistance even in heavy-duty applications.

Easy, Accurate Cable Tightening

The cable clamp, with radial precision tightening, ensures extremely easy cable tightening even if there are no tools to hand.

Safe Connection

The cable connection uses screw plate terminals with indirect tightening for optimum safety, guaranteeing the best contact surfaces and pressure even with non-terminated cables.


IEC309 HP – A New Heart for the Industrial Connection System

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