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Smart Water Meter

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Sindcon Lorawan Water Meter

LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter

The Sindcon LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter Mercury LoRa series LXSGF model is an impeller (Turbine) water meter with a built-in valve and dry type register.  It is designed for residential applications with sizes ranging from Dn15 to Dn25, and is intended for metering cold drinking water.  The LXSGF model consists of a mechanical water meter, an electric ball valve, and an intelligent unit (IU) powered by ARM Cortext-M4 core integrated in LoRa SoC (System on Chip) and a built-in lithium battery. With the pre-equipped LorRa SoC, the analogue reading of the water meter can be digitalised and wirelessly transmitted to the meter data collection system.  Taking advantage of the LoRaWAN technology, it significantly accelerates the meter reading speed and avoids the risk of visual reading mistakes.  It also greatly improves meter readers’ safety and customer satisfaction by avoiding intrusion into private facilities.

Water Meter Residential

Features and Specifications

  • LoRa SoC (STM32WLE5XX) integrating ARM Cortex-M4 Core as processor
  • 3.6V Built-in Li-SOCI2 Battery
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 years
  • Batter is independently packaged and convenient to replace
  • Dual sensors and special algorithm to ensure accuracy
  • Transmission Position: 10L/100L
  • Sindcon’s unique primary (LiSOCI2) battery management technology not only provides precision usage calculation and load leakage detection but also keeps the battery in health condition across battery life


SoC Based LoRa Technology

Lora Water Meter

Valve Control

Remote valve Control Water meter

IP68, suitable for outdoor installation

IP 68 water meter

LoRA Radio Parameters

Communication Protocol LoRaWAN
LoRa MAC Version 1.0.3
Device Type Class A
Network Registration Way OTAA, ABP
LoRaWAN Uplink Confirmation Confirm or Partially Confirm
MCU Arm® 32 -bit Cortext®-M4
Memory 256KB Flash; 64KB RAM
ISM Bands AS923, AU915, EU868
TX Power Up to 22dBm
Uplink Channels 8 settable channels with bandwidth of 125kHz
RX Sensitivity Down to -125dBm*BW = 125 kHz, Sf = 7
Spreading Factor SF7 ~ SF10 (adaptive)
LBT (Listen before Talk) Yes
Report Interal Configurable via Downlink Commands
Data Cach when LoRa Network Interrupts Yes
Data Logger in Local Device Optional
Communication Distance 3km to 10km (Eyesight distance in open space)
Near Field Communication Way Infrared Tools (with Sindcon Mobile APP)
Built-In Valve/Relay Valve

Electrical Parameters

Power Supply 36.V (ER26500 8500mAh)
Standby Current < 40uA
Active Current < 55mA
TX Current < 126mA@22dBm
Battery Life Up to 10 years
Battery Usage Monitoring Accurate Coulomb Measurement
Battery Undervoltage Warning Yes
MCU Temperature Monitoring Yes
 CPU Working Temperature -20°C ~ +85°C
Storage Temperature =10°C ~ +60°C

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