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Brady Floor Marking Tapes

By April 17, 2020January 11th, 2024No Comments
Brady floor marking tape

Solid Colored ToughStripe®

Brady Solid Colored ToughStripe® Floor Marking Tapes are made of rugged polyester with ultra-aggressive adhesive and hold up against forklift traffic.

  • Visible floor-marking improves safety and organization in almost any industrial environment
  • High-gloss surface shines like new paint and withstands forklift traffic without tearing or lifting
  • Ideal for marking aisles, passageways and storage locations and identifying equipment and egress paths
  • Can be easily applied by one person working alone


Aisleways and traffic lanes
Aisleways and
Traffic Lanes
Work Cells
Work Cells
Material storage areas - work in progress
Material Storage Areas
Material storage areas - finished goods
Material Storage Areas
Material storage areas - raw materials
Material Storage Areas
QA inspection
QA Inspection
Defects / Scrap / Rework
Photoluminescent Stair Marking
Forklift durability
Forklift Durability


Floor marking is an important safety step in visual workplace identification. Floor tape is used to section off isle and traffic lanes, material storage areas, QA inspection areas and “keep clear” zones within a facility.

Embedding critical information in the physical workplace through the use of signs, labels, floor markings, displays and other indicators eliminates the need for repetitive training and constant supervision. The proper type of floor tape can ensure that heavy foot and equipment traffic doesn’t affect performance, causing the floor tape to curl or peel off.

Applying and Removing Brady’s ToughStripe Floor Marking Tape

This video for Brady’s ToughStripe Floor Marking tape shows how to prepare the surface prior to installing the floor tape, as well as a one-person or two-person application process, and how to remove ToughStripe.

ToughStripe Floor Tape: Forklift Durability Test

Test Brady’s ToughStripe Floor Marking Tape driving a forklift over it and do some forklift donuts while we were at it. Not only that, but the video going to show you how other floor tapes handled the same test.

What is ToughStripe Tape? It is designed for high traffic applications, and is made of rugged polyester with ultra-aggressive adhesive. The polyester surface offers superior resistance to marks and smudges, and its low-profile design minimizes the risk of tears and scratches from skids and pallet jacks.

Toughstripe®Max Floor Marking Tape

Toughstripe® Floor Marking Tapes are made with Brady’s new B-514 polyester. Toughstripe® products are ideal for marking aisles, passageways, storage locations and marking out designated paths around the workplace.

How To Use Floor Marking Tape Effectively

Use as few colors as possible.

This makes it easier for employees to remember the meaning of each color and reduces the number of floor marking products in inventory.

Color-code areas to be kept clear for safety and compliance.

Some companies use red or red and white stripes in front of firefighting equipment, and green or green and white stripes in front of safety equipment. For simplicity sake, we recommend using one color for all applications where the intent is to keep the area in front of equipment clear for safety or compliance reasons. We also recommend that the firefighting and safety equipment itself – as well as any associated wall signage – be color-coded to enhance visibility and facilitate easy location of the equipment from a distance.

Color-code areas in front of electrical panels.

Red and white should also be used to mark the floor in front of electrical panels. Some facilities use black and yellow to indicate the presence of an electrical hazard, but the primary purpose of the marking is to keep the area in front of the panel clear. Danger labels should be displayed on the outside of the panels to warn employees of potential shock and arc flash hazards.

Color-code workcell and equipment borders.

Some companies choose to mark equipment locations using the same color that’s used for aisleways and work-cell boundaries. This has the benefit of simplicity. However, the overall layout of lanes and sectors within the plant is made more visually clear when different colors are used for these purposes.

Color-code material storage areas.

Use the same border color for all material storage areas, unless there is an important reason for differentiating between raw materials, work in-progress and finished goods. As an alternative, consider using one border tape or paint color in conjunction with different colored labels to visually distinguish between the various material types.

Color-code non-material storage fixtures.

Floor markings for fixtures, such as racks that hold raw materials, work in-progress or finished goods, should be color-coded in green, blue and/or black. Otherwise use white or gray to mark the location of all other fixtures.

Color-code operational “keep clear” areas.

Use black and white marking to indicate that an area should be kept clear for operational reasons, such as ensuring sufficient clearance for forklifts. As objects without a home tend to naturally congregate in open areas, employ black and white marking to discourage the use of open floor space for unintended purposes.

Color-code hazardous areas or equipment.

Black and yellow striped marking should be used as a border around any area or piece of equipment where employees may be inadvertently exposed to a special hazard. For example, use black and yellow borders around flammable material containers. The intent of the black and yellow border is to indicate that special caution should be exercised when entering and working in the area.

Mark means of egress.

For buildings 75 ft. and higher above ground level, use luminous egress path markings on steps and floors to delineate exit pathways. That way workers and visitors can locate exit paths in low light if an emergency occurs.

User Guide for Download - How To Apply and Remove Floor Marking Tape

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