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Omron Switch Mode Power Supplies – S8VK-X

By September 29, 2022January 16th, 2024No Comments
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Visualisation of Power Supplies

A New Style of Facility Maintenance

Visualising and centrally controlling the condition of power supplies enables you to systematise equipment maintenance before equipment trouble occurs, eliminating unexpected response and unnecessary premature replacement, and thus reducing the overall maintenance cost.

operations without S8VK-X
World’s smallest class*1 of power supplies with a communication function
EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP-Compatible Maximizing System Availability Through the Connecting of Equipment to IoT

With Omron S8VK-X

Centralized monitoring

Centralised Monitoring of Equipment Conditions

The voltage, current, and replacement time of power supplies are centrally monitored by line or site.

maintenance planning

Improved Accuracy of Maintenance Planning

Statistical use of past data enables you to identify the appropriate schedule and method for maintenance.

enhance facility operating

Enhanced Facility Operating Rate and Optimised Maintenance Cost

Improved accuracy of maintenance planning prevents unexpected equipment shutdown, achieves maintenance at the most appropriate schedule and cost, and thus optimises the maintenance cost.

The first step in scheduled maintenance:
Visualisation of the time to replace power supplies

S8VK-X calculates the deterioration of the internal electrolytic capacitor based on its component’s temperature. It is indicated on the display as well as via the communications system.

Power Supplies condition

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