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Panduit Wire Markers and Printers

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Label Makers, Printers, Automated Labeling, and More..

Panduit has a full line of labeling products, software, and printers to assist you with your labeling requirements, for the purpose of safety and recognition. Panduit also offers signs and permanent identification solutions to deliver improved productivity and workplace safety.

Types of Wire Markers

Pre-Printed Label: These are cards or sheets that have pre-printed legends or symbols on them. They are normally limited to numbers, letters or symbols.

Wrap-Around Label Marker: These labels are available in different sizes and can be printed on a thermal transfer or laser printer with the required legends to mark wires or cables. They are ideal for use in data centres, offices and environments.

Self-Laminating Wire Marker: These labels are also available in different sizes and can be printed on a thermal transfer or laser printer. They typically have a white printable area and a clear laminating tail that will wrap around the wire and cover up the printable area for extra protection.

Heat Shrink Sleeves: The heatshrink sleeve is designed to provide a clear, reliable and durable way to identify wires and cables. Heatshrink labels are mounted on a plastic carrier and offer crisp, clear legends with superior readability for quick and easy label production in all label formats, including thermal transfer and dot matrix printable.

Product Categories

Automated Labeling

Automated labeling is designed to maximize productivity and is faster than conventional manual installations. What does this mean to your business? Reduces production costs and a quicker turn around time.

Label Applications

Labels, Symbols/Legends, Continuous Tape Cassette, Modular Patch Panel and Clip-On Wire Markers.


The C100X050APT Thermal Transfer Raised Panel Component Label provides crisp, clear, and durable text. This label features a printable surface with a high-tack adhesive for strong holding power. Use with Panduit thermal transfer resin ribbons. Compatible with Panduit Easy-Mark Plus Labeling Software.


Labels are made using different materials, each with specific qualities. The choice of marker depends on whether a permanent or temporary label is required, an adhesive or non-adhesive label, and a self-laminating fixed label or repositionable marker for rotating, which allows for easy reading.

Labels, Markers & Printers

Panduit has a full line of labeling products, software, and printers to assist you with your labeling requirements.

Desktop Printer Labels

Labels and markers for use with TDP printers.

Label & Marker Accessories

Add-on products and accessories for printers and labels such as ribbons, batteries and carrying cases.

Metal Marker Plates, Tags & Machines

Metal marker plates and tags are used for a permanent identification solution, especially in harsh environments. Most marker plates and tags are designed for use with Panduit Pan-Steel Cable Ties.

Portable Printer Labels & Cassettes

Labels and cassettes for use with LS8E/EQ, MS Series and TDP printers.

Pre-Printed & Write-On Safety & QA Labels

Pre-printed general safety warning/risk of danger symbols for immediate use.

Pre-Printed & Write-On Wire Identification Labels

Convenient pocket-sized pre-printed wire marker books, wire marker cards and non-adhesive clip-on wire markers.

Label Printer & Accessories

From mobile, entry level printer (MP75) to high performing, economical industrial printer (MP200), customize your printer needs and label with ease.

Sign & Label Printing Software

Panduit’s printers run on Easy-Mark Plus™ Software. Our software is designed for users who have advanced labeling needs.

Panduit Easy-Mark Plus Labeling Software creates custom labels to suit the specific needs of the regulatory compliance, safety awareness and improved production processes. The innovative display shows the label as it will be printed and is easy to manipulate with drag-and-drop and data-import functionalities as well as pre-loaded label formats.


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